I live on a small dairy in northeast Oklahoma with my husband Earl and our 3 kiddos;Candace, Michael and Marshall. My life consists of cows, cow poop, muck boots, more cows and lots of farm drama. Never a dull moment. We’re in calving season with calves popping out everywhere. 163This big mama just had her calf and is watching me like a hawk to make sure nothing happens to it. Cute little stinker. We milk our cows twice a day, 7 days a week. No fancy vacations, no weekends off, no holidays. I love weekends because that means the kids are home from school to help with all the chores. They’re all teenagers and they can sure work hard. Makes a huge difference in the work load. Earl and I do morning milkings because the kids leave early for school. Crazy schedules. I’m not a talkative morning person, Earl is. Makes for many interesting milkings. He can talk my leg off and I’m still trying to figure out where I’m at. Grrrr…. how can anybody be so happy first thing in the morning?  It takes at least 2 cups of coffee to get me out the door and then some. I love my coffee!

    Most of our cows are just called “sister” or “big girl”. A few have personal names. Some nice and some not so nice. Depends on they’re personality. Some like to have their ears scratched and others do not like to be touched.138 We call this cow “lucky girl”. She carries that lucky 7 with her everywhere. They all stand in the lot waiting for their turn to come in and get milked so we can jump up and stand right beside them. They recognize us and aren’t scared of us. 148This girl here is always having a bad hair day. Guess she doesn’t care what she looks like. I could fix it for her but then she’d just go rub her head against a hay bale and mess it all up again.

    We have a ton of barn cats and 2 dogs. The cats think they rule but really the dogs are the boss. Those cats multiply like rabbits on a farm. There’s always a tom lurking in the shadows. I have one I call “pitch perfect”, pitch for short. It’s always purring a perfect tune. 133It was a drop off so we felt sorry for it and gave it a home. Even though we already have 50 other annoying cats. The kids have a blast naming them with crazy names.

    When a farmer works hard then they also like to eat good food. My boys are at the stage where they eat half the kitchen when they come home from school and the other half after chores. Good grief! They can eat all the time. Makes it fun for me because I love to cook. Some days though I draw a blank and can’t come up with anything for supper. So that’s when things get interesting. Especially when I have no meat thawed. The staples in my kitchen are milk of course and Nesquik. Also sour cream, cheese, icecream, cottage cheese, cream cheese and blessed butter. If I run out of any of these products, it’s a major crisis. Those boys can sure “hork” down the icecream. 059This is “Musket” our guard dog. His favorite spot is right smack in front of the door and he doesn’t move unless he has to. He was a drop off too. The kids insisted on keeping him. Candace, our oldest is the animal lover. She’ll claim anything that comes along. Anyway, he’s part of the family now. Likes to sit in the barn and keep us company while we milk the cows. Pretends to be fierce but in reality he’s a big baby. 166This is what my back door looks like all summer and then in the cold winter months that whole row of muck boots is parked inside my laundry room. I’m still trying to train them that it’s very important to wash your boots off before you come in. Man, what a smelly laundry room I have. Boots plus mud, cow poop, hay and filthy chore clothes. Makes my life very interesting. My washer works overtime!

    It’s chore time, gotta go milk the bovines.         Carol