We have had an awesome fall season this year. No major “freeze your butt off” weather yet, but it’s just around the corner. I had nice flowers all the way into November. Well this morning we could hear that north wind howling outside. That’s not something a dairyman likes to hear. My alarm  goes off at 4:00, but I have to sit in my coffee chair for awhile and gather my senses. This morning I sat down with my coffee and woke up some time later with my mouth hanging open catching flies and my coffee was cold as ever. Yuk. Ok, a quick glance at the clock tells me I better get my 40 acres movin fast. The kids moan and groan like no tomorrow. Everyone is digging like mad for hats, scarves, long johns, gloves, you name it. Milking isn’t too bad but of course some big mama decided to have a calf last night and that had to be taken care of first thing. They always have their calves when a cold front moves in. Poor little stinkers gotta be cold. So then after milking the calves need to be fed, heifers wanna eat, cows need hay etc…. And my job is always to scrape lots. How in the world did that become my job?!? Don’t ever start a job you don’t like because it’ll be yours for life. My  little tractor I use to scrape has had a rough life. It’s near death and needs constant attention. In cold weather I have to charge it every morning just to get it going. Putter, putter…… sounds rough. Its been scraping poop for years and that stuff gets into all the cracks and crevices and eats everything up it touches. I try to wash it real good every time but….. So now I’m scraping and in cold weather the nose runs nonstop. Regardless if you have a cold, the wind whippin around the corner is makin for a free flow all the time. With 15 lbs. of clothes on, leather work clothes and limited mobility it’s not easy stopping to blow your nose every five minutes. So I have two options: let it run or wipe it on my sleeve. I do both. My mom would be so ashamed. It’s liberating. Everyone should try it. Ok, so finally the work is done and its breakfast time. Feels like a stick to your ribs kinda morning. Biscuits and gravy??? Comfort food is awesome! Now everyone is basically in a deep coma. At least until football. Football is life around here. I’ll sign off with a few crazy farm pictures. moms phone pics 066   The better to smell you my dear. moms phone pics 307   The three stooges. moms phone pics 448.jpg   Wheat grass is like magic on a cow’s milk production.

     Gotta run,    Carol