Ok, so Thanksgiving was delicious! We couldn’t go back east to eat Mama’s cookin, so we had to do the next best thing, fix our own. My sister and I cooked and baked until our kitchens were smoking. With my “mad cow” craziness and her just plain “nuts”, we had pretty much every food item you can imagine. Wow! It was all delicious. We had 8 “dudes” to feed and still had gobs of leftovers. I love holidays. Now I’m fired up for Christmas. mom phone pics 2015 018.jpg

    Our weather was pretty mild on Thanksgiving day but did it ever change fast. It rained all night and we woke up to a cold, wet , miserable day. 36 degrees and still more rain on the way. I woke up the crew and told them they have to come help us, it’s miserable. You should’ve heard the moaning and groaning. Mom, no, please! Well Earl and I headed on out to get things started. He took off to bring all the cows up and I started milking the bossies.  It was raining cats and dogs the whole time he was out there gathering up the cows. When he came back in he was soaked to the bone. I was thinking to myself,  should I ask how things were out there or should I just be quiet??? Well I decided to ask. Wrong! I should’ve kept my mouth shut. That’s all I’m gonna say about that. The kiddos did finally show up and that helped lighten up the mood. They always act crazy, argue about who does the most work, who’s turn is it to wash up calf bottles. Or go find a dog or cat to love on.  mom phone pics 2015 021.jpg  Here are our 3 scalawags! They keep us young and alive. We couldn’t do this dairy thing without their help. Notice my Christmas lights hanging up there? I started that a few years back. I tell myself the cows give more milk because of the lights. I also wrap the pipeline inside where we milk.  They all think those lights have to be colored. I’m the only one that thinks clear lights are beautiful. Those lights add some extra pizzaz to an otherwise cold, dark, dirty, cow poop plastered barn. I leave them up until spring when I start to see that there is life out there afterall. Then I just take the snips and cut everything down. I throw them all in the dumpster and start over again the next year. Works great. 136.jpg    I can’t sign off without a few bovine pictures. 131.jpg     Cute little stinker. cropped-moms-phone-pictures-2015-3832.jpg     This is Shooter, the family pet. She walks to the beat of her own drum. She rules! Nobody tells her what to do. And she’s been around for a long time, so she gets away with anything. Well, so long for now…..         Carol