This morning was my turn to help feed all the hay. Usually that’s Michael’s job but since he’s at school, it’s now become one of my chores. In the winter months Earl likes to process the bales out in the pasture. That way the cows can eat what they want and then have a nice bed to lay on after they get done chowing down. I drove the tractor and the processor and Earl had the other tractor with the hay bales. 008.jpg     This is what the inside of the processor looks like. If you look closely you’ll see him back there in the middle of all that mess taking the net wrap off of the hay. He’s got to fight off the cows, they always like to come up and beat the bale to death with their heads. You have to work fast before they totally destroy the bale . The dust is a killer and there’s always that one bit of hay that gets down your back and drives a person insane just trying to find it. I have thrown away many a shirt just because that teeny-tiny piece of hay will never be found. He then plops the bale on to my processor and signals me to take off. This is where my stress level starts rising. I have to work the bale back and forth to pulverize it and then it spits it out. I have one eye on the processor and the other on Earl. That man can give a clear message from way across the pasture. I have become very capable of reading all kinds of hand signals, head jerks, arms flailing and him leaning half his body out of the tractor to get my attention. I always seem to get the job done one way or the other but I’ll never be as “smooth” as the main dude. He could process with his eyes closed. When it’s all said and done the cows have a nice “hay buffet”. Try saying that 10 times real fast. 006.jpg     This girl here thought I was being a slow poke and had to have a bite right now. 009.jpg     At least the sun was shining, even though I was freezing my tail off and my fingers were numb. 010.jpg     Curious onlookers checking to make sure I’m doing everything just right. They don’t miss a beat. At this point I was finally done and headed for the house. We don’t eat until the cows have eaten so  I’m hungry as a horse. Earl still has a few bales to put out in the hay racks then he’s coming in too. 003.jpg         It’s a never ending job of feeding in the winter time. So now, it’s finally our turn to eat.150.jpg     I can plop one of these babies in front of Earl and it’ll be gone in a flash. He’s a meat kinda guy. I’m kinda hungry, I think I’ll go raid the fridge. So long……….Carol