It’s high time to get my Christmas decorations up. We always get a live tree because that’s another object that doesn’t need storage, just a burn pile or pond after the holidays. They always make my house smell festive and I definitely need that. I took off for Lowes to find the perfect tree.  I zip into the garden center and take a quick look around. Find my price range and start inspecting closely. I think I found the right one. I tell the check-out dude and wait for them to cut it and net it. While I’m waiting on them I’m starting to doubt my fast decision but don’t want to look like an idiot so I just go ahead with the plan. This tree is at least 7-8 ft. tall. So I pay and haul it out to my van.  I lay the seats down and heave and ho and crawl in, then out, then in again and finally get it in place. Whew!!  I’m still wondering if the perfect tree is in the store and I just didn’t look long enough. So I go back and start digging for another one. I tell myself that maybe I should buy two. So I go with a smaller one to make myself feel better. Now on inside to get my poinsettias. Great, they’re on sale. I dig for the perfect plants here too. I have definite problems. I end up with about 13 plants and cram them in the back of my van.012.jpg     This is simple. Keep them alive until after the holidays and then throw them in the dumpster. Well, I’m leaving Lowes and it’s time to pick the boys up, so I haul lickety-split for the school. I’m 30 min. out but they can wait a bit. But then I start wondering where are they gonna sit. I’ve got 2 trees in the back plus all my plants. It’s gonna be a bit tight. Of course, they’re like “why 2 trees?” and “where are you gonna put them?” The only explanation I have is, Tis the season to be jolly. They all know I’m half nuts so they crammed in and off we went. 011.jpg     The first perfect tree. It has a wall side, so I didn’t find the perfect one afterall. Earl had the bright idea to put it right in front of the door. Lord, please help this man. We all informed him that it’s not a good idea. I’ll decorate later. 014.jpg     My second perfect tree. It’s perfect for that corner, so I’m not totally off my rocker afterall. Since when has tree shopping become so exhausting?!?! I think I’ll go spend some time with the cows. All they want to do is eat and sleep and give milk. What a simple life. 003.jpg      They’ll eat the seat right off the four wheeler if you don’t watch out. 008.jpg     Hey, back off. That tongue feels like sand paper. 005.jpg     No, you may not have the day off. Eat more and come in tonight full of milk. Sorry, but the bills need to be paid. I’m gonna high tail outta here and go admire my “perfect” trees. I’m thinkin the cows need some red bows?        Carol