Last weekend Earl and I decided spur of the moment to take a little time off. With a little prompting we left the kids to do the milking and headed south. It’s breeding season for the cows and Earl had ordered some semen, so we left for Texas to pick it up. Does that sound romantic or what?!? Well, we are past the romantic hangups and are just tickled pink to get away anytime. Saturday morning around 9:00 was the departure time. We left at 12:00. That’s about how things roll around here. The dryer quit that morning and Candace’s car quit on her way to work. I fully expected the trip to be cancelled but we stuck to the plan. We stayed at my cousins house who also has a dairy. I did not say “hi” to his cows and I didn’t step foot in his milkhouse. I stayed in the house and drank coffee. I couldn’t even sleep in. I automatically woke up as if I needed to go do chores. Grrrr….. At least I didn’t have to put my muck boots on  but instead curled up on their couch. I heard the coffee maker perking away so I thought “Oh goodie” time for some hot brew. I took one sip and that stuff was so strong it threw me back against the wall and my life flashed before my eyes!! Whoa, Nellie! I love you with all my heart Adam and Megan ,but I must confess that I had to dilute it just a tad. Strong coffee like that will grow hair on the bottom of your feet. We had a great time yakking and eating and eating some more. We headed for home Sunday evening and when we got there the kids were already in bed. Guess they were a little tired. No time to party when there are cows to milk. mom phone pics 2015 016      Candace gets a little preoccupied when milking. Moms phone pictures 2015 019     Michael likes to act goofy!   Moms phone pictures 2015 090  And Marshall always has a cat in his arms. But somehow they managed to get the chores done and did a fantastic job. I’m thinkin we need to leave more often.

     My parents stopped by on Monday for a quick visit so that was a nice little treat. Luckily, I had some cinnamon rolls in the freezer for just such an occasion. 013.jpg     This is what you’ll get if you visit Troyer Dairy. With a tall glass of milk.

     My dryer finally got fixed tonight. After 5 days of being out of commission. Now that’s not anything anyone likes to experience but especially on a farm. Our chore clothes were so rank that they were standing up in the corner all by themselves. Holy Cow!!! Talk about rich. No wonder my laundry room smelled sour. Needless to say my washer is just a humming away. And the dryer is awesome. I’m signing off with some more weird farm pictures. moms phone pics 459     Those crazy cats will just take over if you let them. Moms phone pictures 2015 386.jpg     Looks like the tank is full of rich milk. Got a straw anyone?? Moms phone pictures 2015 570     Bringing the cows up on a hot, dusty afternoon. Moms phone pictures 2015 022     The better to see you with my dear!

          Time to hit the hay……Carol