We’ve been having unusually nice, warm weather the last while. I love it! Cold weather and I don’t mix well. The other morning we had a beautiful sunrise. One of the few perks of having to get up at such unearthly hours my whole life. 006.jpg     Every milking time always brings lots of drama. If it’s not the kids, the main dude, cats or dogs, it’ll be the cows. 003.jpg      This is what I call office gossip at the water fountain. I’m pretty sure they’re discussing who’s turn it is to be naughty this evening when they come in to milk. I could hear them chuckling to themselves. 008.jpg     Here’s proof that I actually help with all the chores and get dirty. To be  truly honest with you, I’m not always smiling. Just for the camera. mom phone pics 2015 010.jpg     And Candace the “photobomber”. 016      Sitting down on the job??? moms phone pics 008           Marshall slips out of the barn every chance he gets. The kid needs more cats. 011.jpg      Feeding the calves is supposed to be the kids’ job except on week day mornings. then Earl and I have all the honors.010.jpg     Here’s the main man. Looks like he’s having the time of his life. I think he was asking himself “what would I do with a million bucks?”012.jpg     So , beings that we don’t have a million bucks, he’s happy with a Dr. Pepper. That always brings a sigh of satisfaction. moms phone pics 335.jpg     Along with some good, hot food. Saturday night is always homemade pizza night. With a beautiful sunset to finish off the day. 141.jpg     We always fall into bed exhausted but happy. I think???                Carol