When you live on a farm it’s not unusual to see all kinds of critters running around. Almost every morning when I head on out to the barn, I’ll see something interesting or spooky. Remember it’s dark out there. This morning I flipped on the lights and I saw a tiny mouse going crazy trying to find some hole to hide in. 014.jpg     He did finally manage to escape. Where are those lazy cats? Another morning I saw a possum climbing around.Moms phone pictures 2015 575.jpg     Now,  this varmint is extremely ugly. I went round and round with this guy trying to get him out of the barn so I could get started milking. Usually if Candace sees something like this, she will take control of the situation. Remember, she’s the great white hunter!? Moms phone pictures 2015 087     Don’t mess with this farm girl!

     Spiders are another common sight around here. Now if you wanna scare Earl, just get him close to a fiddleback spider. Gets pretty comical to watch the show. Moms phone pictures 2015 633      This is not a fiddleback . This is Charlotte. She asked me if she could have her home in my flowerbed. So, being the nice, calm person that I am, I said sure. I don’t care for spiders but they don’t freak me out like snakes do. 089.jpg     Why did the snake cross the road? I don’t know and I didn’t stick around to find out. Earl on the other hand is not afraid of snakes. He won’t let me kill any black snakes because they are “good” snakes.

      We have a ton of Peter Rabbits around here. They wait till the last minute and then take off running for their lives. The dogs always try to run after them but that’s just funny. Our dogs are way to lazy to catch a rabbit. 028.jpg     Does this look like an energetic bunch or what?! This is the Peter Rabbit that got away. Moms phone pictures 2015 639.jpg     I saw him one afternoon while getting cows up.  007.jpg     Here’s a good little critter. All cozy and warm in her bed. Only I interrupted her relaxing naptime. 011      Wait, where did these critters come from? Marshall is so dramatic! 009     Waiting patiently for supper.

     Gotta run……Carol