Today is all about the birds and the bees for cows. Normal people may think this is an unusual topic to discuss but for a dairyman, this is everyday conversation. Detecting heats, semen tanks, chalking tail heads, cleanup bulls, etc….., this is all mealtime discussion. So last night was” chalking tail heads” night for us. Michael did all our monkey work for us. 002.jpg      While we put milkers on,  Michael jumps up and chalks all of them. He loves his job! This is what we use.005.jpg     We have tried all different kinds of stuff but this seems to work best for us. Red was the color Earl chose this time. We buy this by the boxes. It comes in handy for marking other things too. Like boots. All our boots are black. They all look the same. Mud and poop everywhere. So this is what the lot looked like this morning. 003.jpg     Check out all the red tail heads. All decorated nice for Christmas. Now we watch them like a hawk. If they come in with the chalk rubbed off, we know there’s been some hanky panky goin on. We re-chalk and wrap the tails with duct tape. Today was green.025.jpg     We love duct tape. What farmer doesn’t? It fixes everything. Now, 12 hours later when the cows come in for supper and the chalk is rubbed off again, she gets bred. We catch them on their way out and Earl will A. I. them. 026.jpg     Here’s his semen tank. He’s got it chuck full and ready to go. The liquid nitrogen is handy for other things too. Like burning off warts. He can save you a trip to the doctor. He’s the neighborhood wart remover. Ha. Ha. Ha. So, the cow gets bred and hopefully she’ll settle. Which means, she’s pregnant and 9 months later she’ll pop out a calf. If she doesn’t settle, we bought some cleanup bulls. And hopefully they can do the job. 017.jpg     Here’s “bubba”. He’s young and full of energy. I don’t trust bulls, period. Never. 016.jpg     Here’s the other young “buck”. He’s got some growing to do but that’s fine. As long as they’re aggressive, they stay. So, for the next 3 weeks, we will be in an intensive management program for the cows. It’s gonna take a lot of chocolate moms phone pics 014.jpg     and a bunch of cherry limeades to survive.moms phone pics 003.jpg     I love these things. And then, hopefully 9 months down the road we will have a bunch more of these. 009.jpg     This one just got done eating breakfast and wants more.010.jpg          Not sure which color I like best. They’re both cute. 011.jpg          This is where we put them. In their own little hutch. 015.jpg          Please scratch my ears.

          Gotta run…….. Carol