First of all, we don’t eat dinner. We eat supper. Dinner is for fancy folks. We aren’t fancy. We grow our own beef right here on the farm. This is what it looks like.112.jpg     They nurse the Mama until D-day. Makes them nice and fat and juicy. I don’t like getting low in beef. It gives me nightmares and I break out in a cold sweat. What will I feed my carnivores??? 006     Plop this in front of hungry dudes and watch them disappear. I often throw a roast in the oven for the kids to eat when they come home from school. They always come charging through the door hungry as a horse. moms phone pics 420.jpg     This will satisfy until after chores and then they need more of something. When you work hard, you gotta eat. moms phone pics 362.jpg     I always get a little carried away with my hamburgers. By the time I’m done building it I can’t fit my mouth over it. Makes suppertime real interesting. So, when I want to shake things up a bit, I’ll throw some chicken in front of them. We love chicken. moms phone pics 195.jpg     A couple of years back I got the idea that I had to have some chickens. So now I have my own eggs too. 001.jpg     I’m getting quite a little stash of eggs in my fridge. Those hens are a mess. They can sure cackle and go crazy when they’re laying their eggs. Good grief, they are noisy. So now I understand why we girls are accused of cackling like hens. I also know where the dudes get their “strut like a rooster” moves. moms phone pics 229.jpg     Another great way to feed my hungry family. moms phone pics 272.jpg     Eat More Chicken!!129.jpg     Yes, why aren’t you eating more of that chicken stuff???  010.jpg     Hey, what’s going on over there? Did I hear somebody say “chicken”?132.jpg     What? What’s everybody talkin about? 063.jpg     We didn’t hear anything. Hush up over there. I’m trying to relax out here. moms phone pics 101.jpg     I didn’t hear anything. moms phone pics 441.jpg     Stop the panic! I have everything under control.

     See ya later…….Carol