It doesn’t take much to entertain our kids. They can come up with all kinds of weird and crazy ways to entertain themselves. Trust me, it’s not all work and no play for them. They love to goof off. We went to see some Christmas lights the other night. 030.jpg     The three musketeers. 028.jpg           Looking pretty festive.     026.jpg     Say cheese. The lights were awesome!016.jpg      Our lights on the barn aren’t near as fancy but they do the trick. As long as the cows are happy. 019.jpg          Ok, this doesn’t look very productive. If Dad sees you, he’s gonna have a fit. Earl’s pet peeve is playing on the phones during milking time. 034.jpg     We are very happy this morning. She loves getting up early to go milk. 018     Wait a minute. What’s up with this? Looks like  he had a rough day.042.jpg     This is Shooter. The family pet. She’s always one of the last cows to come in the barn.   044.jpg     I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. Not!!!029.jpg     Ok kids, that’s enough. Time to go milk. 002     See, they’re waiting on us. Gotta run…..Carol

     P.S. I think the cows want some Christmas  music.