So now that you’ve seen us with all our smelly chore clothes and stinkin muck boots, it’s only fair to let you know we can clean up. We haven’t taken family pictures for 5 years and I decided it’s high time for another one. It’s not easy rounding up the “herd” for picture day. I had the photographer come out to our farm and we took all our photos right here. 003.png     This is about as fancy as we get. We are pretty down to earth. It was a beautiful evening and everyone had a good time. It was nice and dry and perfect temperatures. Now today the same spot we’re standing is a complete mudhole and it’s very cold and depressing outside. 004.jpg     We’ve had rain for the last 3 days and everything turned into mud. Wintertime can get very ugly around here. 001.png          Here’s another shot of the dairy family. Everyone’s smiling so nice and looking so happy. This same spot we’re sitting is usually the cows domain. We shooed them out of here and took over. 079.jpg     This looks so beautiful and green here but it’s nothing but mud and bare trees right now. 002.png     The 3 dairy kiddos. So nice and cleaned up. They really are hard workers. I have proof.012.jpg     They put on their chore duds and “get er done.” They aren’t afraid of mud, cows, poop or cold weather. I think Marshall is giving them a full line of ” make it all up as I go.”009.jpg     This is where it all happens. I do a lot of deep thinking here. Lots of dreaming, wondering if there’s life out there, thoughts of comfort food and all my flowers I’m going to buy next spring. I’m pretty much in a daze out here. Call it auto-pilot if you want. I milk to get done and Earl milks to get production. Thank God for his expertise in dairy. 010.jpg      This girl whispered in my ear tonight that she didn’t think the rain was ever going to stop. We decided I would give her all the feed she wanted in exchange for extra milk production. 005.jpg     Big girl here got brand new earrings for Christmas and also red highlights in her hair. Doesn’t she look fancy?! The better to smell you with my dear. Big nose??040.jpg     Whoa Nellie! Hang on sister! All the profit is going down the drain. 041.jpg            This here is “ole Red.” She’s definitely got the “fire” of a redhead. Don’t mess with me attitude. 033.jpg     Every morning and every night. This is what we do. Some days those milkers feel so heavy and then other days I can “fling” them like no other. Moms phone pictures 2015 369      This is our little house on the prairie. I’m showing a summer view because the winter view looks so cold and unfriendly. And we really are friendly folk.  It’s always so nice to finally get in the house at the end of a hard day. Right now it’s all warm and cozy. In the summertime we keep it nice and chilly.  It’s time to hit the hay……….Carol