Happy New Year from the Troyer dairy. We have had nonstop eating, baking, cooking, decorating and more eating for the last month seems like. Is it time for resolutions? Maybe, but I don’t do resolutions. I’ve tried and it just doesn’t work for me. My goal is to keep my life as simple as possible and resolutions are complicated. They stress me out. Now if I were to make some, this is what I would try.

1. Bound out of bed as soon as I hear my alarm.

2. Skip to the barn instead of dragging my feet.

3. Finish the puzzle that’s been collecting  dust under my bed for the last 5 years.

4. Learn how to operate the remote.

5. Get rid of a bunch of cats.

6. Do not be afraid when driving with Michael.011.jpg     This guy is in “hog heaven”. A permit fresh off the press and an ole truck for his first vehicle. What more does a “dude” want?!  The cows make resolutions too. 004.jpg

     This girl told me she’s going to kick the habit of smoking. She thinks she can be totally clean by late spring when the warm weather arrives. You go girl! 031.jpg         Big sister here told me she’s going to stop walking around with a toothpick in her mouth. She’s afraid she’ll  poke someone’s eye out.  Smart thinking!039.jpg     Now Bessie here is still thinking about hers but she wants to try and keep her “nose clean”. It’s a tough business, I know. I’m supporting you, my dear. Musket has a resolution he wants to share too. 009.jpg

     Stay focused on the work at hand. Which is absolutely nothing. Go get em, cowboy!

  I’m glad the holidays are over. Now everyone else has to go back to work too. We don’t get holidays and we sometimes feel a tad bit cheated. Just a little. 002.jpg     The cows are even glad that all the festivities are over. Now the countdown can begin until warmer weather. That’s what it’s all about for me. I’m dreaming of beautiful flowers.   Moms phone pictures 2015 010.jpg    Where to build my next flowerbed??

     I’m really shaking things up this year. I did not cook our lucky meal yet. For us it’s always pork and sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. We went to a party last night and this ole girl didn’t hit the hay until 1:30. That is way late for “cowmilkers”! So I decided I needed a day to recuperate and basically went on strike. Oh, I milked and scraped and did all that, I just didn’t feel inspired to cook. The luck hasn’t been real strong anyway, so maybe if I throw a wrench in the mix our luck will thrive. I’m going with beef and pork and fried hashbrowns. Really mix it up.  And sauerkraut. I love it. 001.jpg     I think icecream needs to be added to the lucky menu, so I’m starting a new tradition. I hope this works.

     I think it’s time for the kids to head back to school. 006.jpg     They’re looking a little bored. mom phone pics 2015 016.jpg     And Candace is spending way to much time spoiling the dog. For our sanity, I hope the rest of the winter stays calm so we can carry on.

     So long………Carol