So, with everything going back to normal (whatever that is) and the kiddos back in school, it’s very quiet around here. Until about 4:00 that is. Then let the chaos begin. I’m famished, homework, milking time, calves, and where are some socks without holes?!? Should I cry? Should I laugh? Should I scream? I still haven’t figured it all out. This is what the boys looked like the first morning of school. 011.jpg     What a long face. Come on, it can’t be that bad. At least your head is staying warm!012.jpg     I guess maybe Earl and I should trade places for a day. We go to school and they stay home and do all the chores, etc…. Candace took off before I got her picture. But I think she’s kinda glad to go back. ct phone pics 1634.jpg     She starts acting a little “looney” if she hangs around cows for too long. We did get some decorations cleaned up before they went back. I had the boys throw the trees out the front door and told them to haul them off to the burn pile. I didn’t check up on them but this is what they did. 003.jpg     What are the chickens going to do with a tree? Not sure about that one. 004.jpg     They hauled that sucker to the top of the pile alright. We always have a burn pile. It’s where all the net wrap goes from the hay bales. All the branches that the wind breaks off.  It’s definitely an eyesore but that’s how things roll on our farm. We burn several times a year once the pile gets massive. Sometimes we’re under a burn ban, or it’s way too wet, way too windy, or we just forget to burn. This is what it looks like once we do light that pile and let it burn. Moms phone pictures 2015 410.jpg      We have a lot of trees on our property and Oklahoma has a lot of wind. That makes for a lot of bonfires. Roasted hotdogs and toasted marshmallows. Like Buzz Lightyear says on Toy Story. Hot shmoes!! Moms phone pictures 2015 412.jpg     Looks perfect to me. We always try to have a big bonfire and hayride in the fall. Good memories.

     So I have a few crazy pictures to share before I  sign off. 008.jpg     Eat with your mouth closed, sister. You’re wasting a lot of feed and feed isn’t cheap. 001.jpg     Our doghouse. Earl brings a calf hutch up to the patio when the weather starts turning cold and the kids bed it down with straw. Seems to work pretty good. They look pretty comfy to me. 010.jpg     I am so tired! I can’t wait for some nice warm weather again. 015.jpg     It’s a bovine world around here!!

     The work awaits me……….Carol