Ok, all dudes just hang on to your horses. Just because it’s called “girl talk” doesn’t mean it won’t be interesting to you. Don’t shut us out man, just read and let it “move” you. So, every Jan. our church ladies get together for a Christmas tea. We have volunteers who decorate tables and then we all vote on who’s is most “inspiring”. Of course, we have lots of food to devour and hot tea to sip on. I totally forgot to fix my tea. I was too excited to get out of the house and be around all “human girls”. A night off from the bovines! 011.jpg     Here is my “partner in crime”. Dani grew up on a dairy farm and so she’s got that built in work ethic. When the two of us work on a project, all you’ll see is a cloud of dust. Her “mad cow” is nothing like mine but I dare say she has just a little snort of it. It’s a good thing. 008.jpg     This is Dani’s table. So fresh and clean and beautiful. It was almost scary for me to sit down, thinking I might totally mess something up. Pure white is scary for me. With my lifestyle and all but I conquered my fear and dined without mishap. 012.jpg     Here is Reyes.  She can work circles around me.  She does not milk cows but lives on a cattle ranch. We have a lot in common. I want your purse! 001.jpg     Here is her table. So festive! I love the dishes. I want those too. 004.jpg     Another great table. Gold utensils and the dishes are antique. I love the water goblets. Wonder if the nice lady would miss them if I helped myself? 007     How’s a girl to decide which table to vote for?!? This one won 3rd place. She had such cute and dainty little tea cups. I love it!003     And another one. So many cool ideas. It looks like a star in the center.  I love the red placemats. The napkins are folded so nice and fancy. I’m used to putting a roll of paper towels on the table. My family wouldn’t know how to act. 006.jpg     Oh, yes! I love the quilt! I want that too. Wait, that is mine. Dani and I collaborated on this table. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Poof! This is what happened. This table won 2nd place. 009      I do love birds and birdhouses. This is right down my alley. Love the mix and match dishes. The placemats are awesome. 002.jpg     Save the best till last. This is the 1st place winner. You are awesome Sara. Where in the world do you get your ideas?! You must have a very fertile brain. I want your napkin rings. 013.jpg     This is Sara. The Grand Champion. What are you doing by the food? Step away, that is mine. Just look at that. Gracious! I was in total bliss. Everything was delicious. We had comfort food, fancy food, fried food, salads, pasta, chocolate, cheesecake and more than I can mention. All our ladies are awesome cooks. Why in the world don’t we do this more often!? I stuffed myself. 015.jpg     Two crazy cowgirls! Candace looks so young and full of life. I always look so tired. And I’m standing on one leg. I look like a chicken. I definitely need to get out more. 005.jpg     Why didn’t you take me along? I’m a girl. I had new earrings and combed my hair all nice and fancy too. 007.jpg     I didn’t even want to go. My food here at home is plenty for me. 004.jpg     Absolutely not! Your feet are way to dirty and the janitor would have killed.

     Ok, dudes, the pain is over. So long…..Carol