It’s been 3 weeks now since we started our intense A.I. program. I have consumed a lot of chocolate since then.  Earl has been one busy dude. We had a few stressful moments but are still alive and kicking. There was one weekend where the weather was horrible. He didn’t do any A.I. ing because it was cold, windy and miserable nonstop rain for 3 days. Our chutes aren’t inside or have a roof over them. We may have missed 15-20 cows but that’s where the boys come in.  They are now up front in the milk cow pasture. Earl calls them “the brothers”. 002.jpg     Here’s the younger of the two. I would hate to make contact with that head. 009.jpg     And this is the older one. So now their job is to take care of anything that Earl missed. We are still chalking the tail heads and keeping up with the program, we just have extra help. I think they’re having a pretty good time out there. 001.jpg     Every time Earl puts one in the chute, he also gives them  new tags. One in each ear. The old ones get faded and then we can’t read them. It gets real “tense” trying to figure out who’s who when it’s time to work cows. Working cattle is not for the faint of heart. 019.jpg     This girl here, has no tags. That means she hasn’t been bred and probably tore the old ones out. The “brothers” will be paying her a visit soon.  006.jpg     Nice dangling earring you got there, girlfriend. But you’re missing one. Hmmmmm…. you need some new tags too. 020     Speaking of brothers. And  where did these two “scalawags” come from?! Looks like trouble to me. 002.jpg     Here they are again. Michael plays the tenor saxophone and Marshall plays the trumpet. Michael was in the marching band this year. I called him our “nutcracker”. With his uniform and his little hat, he looked just like one. Marshall will blow you out of the house when he practices. Holy Moly! That kid has some wind power! Moms phone pictures 2015 445.jpg     They like working cattle. This was last summer. Michael’s the ” wormer man”.Moms phone pictures 2015 449.jpg      Marshall’s job was to push the calves into the chute. He definitely worked up a sweat. Moms phone pictures 2015 539.jpg     Acting out with their “Thor” hammer. Where did they get that crazy imagination?022.jpg     Make sure you spray those muddy feet off, son. 030.jpg     Looks like you have some good help there Marshall. Musket is camera shy. 025.jpg     Brothers for life! Big, tall and muscular. Short, stocky and weenie. You decide.

      Signing off for now……Carol