Brrrr…… I do not like freezing weather. This morning it was 12 degrees. That is way too cold for me. I keep telling myself, “you’ve been milking cows for 22 years, this is a walk in the park.” It doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. So to help my mental state of mind, I left all the Christmas candles in the windows of the house. That way when I look out the door of the barn, I will see the house lit up and looking all cozy. 001.jpg     Maybe that will warm my heart and soul and I won’t feel the bitter cold. Dream on! I sure felt it this morning. My poor little “paws” just can’t seem to stay warm. 020.jpg     This is what it’s all about, right here. It is definitely no beauty contest. It’s trying to put on as many clothes as possible but still being able to walk. 013.jpg     I spend a lot of time in front of the fire when a batch of cows goes out or a new round is coming in. If it’s really bad outside, I’ll lean my head against the wall and recite Psalm 23. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil……’s called survival mode.  Even the cows say their prayers.002.jpg     I think her prayer went something like this…..” I wish I were a dog or a cat. I can’t wait for the sunshine. Is it ever coming back?  Why can’t they hurry and let me in. I’m starving here. What’s taking so long? I would love to try some of that hot coffee that my human is always drinking. 018.jpg     Yes!!! Blessed sunshine! I was so excited to see the sun coming up this morning. It hadn’t shone in days. That automatically makes everything better. Now that warmed my heart and soul! 016.jpg     It’s weird but Musket always gets real frisky when it’s extra cold outside. He’s trying to get all chatty with the cows here. Acting brave and all. The cows are daring him to jump up there into their territory. He thinks better of it and takes off to find some cat to torture. 012.jpg     When temperatures reach down into the teens, then we need to drain all the hoses. It’s horrible to walk out to start milking and everything is frozen. It takes forever to try and thaw these  out just to get started. Frozen hoses equals very grouchy humans. One way to stay warm……get mad. 022.jpg     The windows were all iced over with fancy designs. When you’re cold and miserable, it’s the little things like this that look beautiful. But wait, what happened here?023.jpg     Trivia question. Who’s “paws” messed up the beautiful window? 024.jpg     Another bonus of cold weather. Having a laundry room that looks like this. It smells better than it looks. Add some feed, hay, mud and cow poop into the mix and you got yourself a dandy. I can’t wait for warm weather!!      028.jpg        I don’t think it’s all that cold out here. Actually I’m pretty comfy. You need a thick, heavy hide like I have then you won’t feel a thing. Ok, sister, whatever. Now, when I’m milking, I’m thinking of what will taste good for breakfast. 005.jpg     A big pile of bacon. Sounds pretty tasty. 006.jpg     A big mess of home fries. 007.jpg     Maybe a bunch of fresh eggs. Now, things are starting to look up. Like Earl always says “Life is good.”  So long……………Carol