I have a love/hate relationship with January. The love comes from the fact that we survived all the holidays. We conquered the cold weather thru December. We have rounded  the corner and are on the homeward stretch towards spring. My hate comes from the fact that now we all have to diet, exercise and act like we want to eat “healthy”. Lose all the candy fat. No one can have a coffee break because we can’t eat cake. We’re all eating salads, drinking smoothies and downing 8 glasses of water a day. Well maybe, sorta trying to. Wanting to be rebellious and all, I want to scream “enough already,” the world has gone mad. But no, I caved and went on a run yesterday. I joined the ranks of madness. My madcow kicked in right after Christmas and I went and bought a new pair of running/walking shoes. What was I thinking?! So, this is what I saw while on my “slow” run. 023.jpg      My main concern was that I would get my new shoes muddy. Remember as a kid going to school, the mean kid would come stomp on your new shoes? I’d like to see them try now. 021.jpg     At the end of the driveway. A toilet in the tree? So on New Years eve, some naughty, naughty friends played a prank. Very funny! I think it’s time to get that thing out of there.017.jpg     This is my gym. I only went one mile down the road. I started huffing and puffing and then my throat dries out and I can’t swallow my saliva. How do you breathe and swallow with a dry throat? I didn’t, I spit instead. The perks of having an outdoor gym. 016.jpg     Wide open spaces. I love it! I need plenty of elbow room. 018.jpg     Before the holidays, this pond was completely dry. Now it’s overflowing. Looks like one of those naughty teenage heifers are taking a drink break. 019.jpg     The “sausage mutt” went with me. Musket is way to lazy to run that far. Sausage was in heaven. Sniffing and peeing on every electric pole along the way. 020.jpg     My poor little flowerbed out at the corner. I can’t wait to make it look alive and beautiful again. 024.jpg     I made it back home, my shoes were not muddy and I was starving. Yes, I ate a salad. But I did not drink a smoothie. I also ate soup.026.jpg     Wisconsin cheese soup. Delicious! And I ate some cattlemans spread.001.jpg      The best hot dip around. I finished off with a few peanut M & M’s. I don’t want to end up like a cow. In a cow’s world, skinny and boney means sickness and death. So therefore, I’m going to go bake some goodies today. Now if you get hungry for “real” food, come and have a coffee break with me. And eat cake. I better get busy……Carol