Today Shooter would like to say a few things. Remember, Shooter is our family pet. She has run of the barn, pasture and basically the whole farm. Here she is…..005.jpg     It’s a beautiful morning and I just finished my breakfast. Wish they would’ve given me more. I think it’s because that silly human wanted to wash things up and get out of there fast. I’m gonna stand here in the sun for awhile. I hope somebody scrapes these lots today!006.jpg     Now I’m going to scratch my head on this metal pipe. Oh Mama, that feels awesome! All that feed, hay and mud gets caked on up there and needs to be scratched off. Sometimes I’ll let those kids scratch my head. It all depends on what mood I’m in. 002.jpgI must admit, I’m not giving a whole lot of milk right now. It’s too cold and muddy to exert myself. Besides, I know that I’ll get away with whatever I want. I wish she would quit taking my picture. I like my privacy!007.jpg          I better get a quick drink before I head on out to pasture. I don’t feel like marching all the way back up here more than I have to. 008.jpg     Whoa, baby! This water is freezing cold. I better start out slow. I hate getting a head rush! Those things hurt like mad! 010.jpg     I better “holler” at those other lazy sisters out there. They may want a drink too while it’s nice and cold. Is she still standing there taking my picture? Good grief! Stop it! 009.jpg     Nope, they aren’t coming, so I’ll just drink it myself. I like that better anyway. Besides, those girls out there get on my nerves. 011.jpg     Ok, I’m serious now. Stop taking my picture! 012.jpg     FOR THE LAST TIME, STOP!! AND I DON’T LIKE COLD WEATHER!  I HATE TRYING TO WALK ON FROZEN COW PIES! I HATE HAVING THE “BROTHERS” RUN WITH US GIRLS, THEY ARE ANNOYING! NOW GET OUT OF MY FACE AND LEAVE ME ALONE!! 013.jpg          Wow! I feel like a ton of bricks just lifted off my shoulders. I feel like I could fly! I might even give a little more milk tonight. 006.jpg     Man, this hay is tasty! Especially way up at the top.

     Well, thanks for sharing with us Shooter. I had no idea you were so stressed. Next time don’t wait so long before you vent your frustrations. It’s not healthy. And I’ll try to back off for awhile…………….Carol