So, this morning while milking the bovines, it all came to me. “Man cannot live by salads alone.” I always get deep inspirations while out in the barn. I love salads, don’t get me wrong but I also need food with substance. Milk always seems to fill em up. I have access to all the milk we need. My family will go through about a gallon a day. This is how I get our milk.021     Earl got me this cool spout that hooks onto the bottom of the tank. I open up the valve and fill em up. I have a fridge out by the barn that I try to keep stocked at all times. There’s many a times when we finally get to the house and I realize that I’m out of milk. So I holler at one of the kids to run out to the barn and fetch a gallon. Oh, the pain and agony. They moan and groan until I finally appoint and demand. Moms phone pictures 2015 248     Maybe this has something to do with the fact that we go through so much milk. Eating “humongous” bowls of cereal. Does anyone else still eat Lucky Charms or am I the only one still trying to hang on to my childhood? 007     Blessed cookies! Chocolate chip has been our favorite for years. Now snickerdoodles are fast gaining ground. A close runner up. I could grab about 5, 6, 7 of these straight out of the oven. So delicious. 010     This is what a “cookie monster” looks like. The boys usually grab about 5 cookies as they walk past the table and go plop on the couch. This time, Michael didn’t mess around. He grabbed the whole bag and took off. Looks like a cookie zombie to me! That bag was empty the next morning.Moms phone pictures 2015 044     Or cake and milk work great too. Say cheese Candace. 007.jpg     This “big girl” thinks her milk tastes the best because she’s half Jersey. She told me it’s because she has more butterfat. Makes sense. She does have cute little ears though. 015.jpg     And these girls think that they have awesome milk too. Because they don’t have those annoying white spots all over them. 015.jpg     Excuse me, what was that? Did they just say “annoying white spots?” Well, let me tell you something. My milk is the “Best in the West! Hands down! I better not hear such “trash talk” again.

The girls get pretty touchy around here. So much drama! I’m getting outta here……Carol