A person would think that after all the time I spend outside with the cows, I would have enough brains to keep them outside. Nope, not me. I have them all over the house yet too. It’s the “madcow.” I can’t help myself. So, I have an aunt that raised her family on a dairy farm too. Four boys to be exact. She’s been bitten by the bug. She gave me this beautiful paper with cows all over it.009.jpg     I have this big ole wall in the kitchen and it has always caused me problems. How to decorate without looking lopsided. Now finally it makes me happy. Don’t the bovines look awesome?! No more sleepless nights. Not that I really had any. I’m way too tired for that. Moms phone pictures 2015 608.jpg     Here she is, my favorite aunt! Thank you Emily for solving my wall problem and sharing your bovine paper with a “madcow” farm girl. I hope that word “favorite” doesn’t get me in hot water. If you want to reach that status, just share something “cow” with me. Doesn’t take much to make me happy. Her oldest son is still milking cows on a dairy farm in Texas. Moms phone pictures 2015 588.jpg     What a beautiful couple! It must be all the cows they see everyday. Now when we get together, it’s “good times.” We swap cow stories, laugh, eat, drink coffee and swap more cow stories. The coffee pot is brewing 24/7. Nothin is more fun than sitting around and talking cow lingo with others that experience everything we do. Come see us sometime soon, ya silly cow people.

     These two fine ladies are a blast to shop with. Same taste in everything. Moms phone pictures 2015 580.jpg     We look high and low for all the bargains. No stone is left unturned. Go get em, Megan! Moms phone pictures 2015 581.jpg     We each found our “cow” stuff. We look so happy. Our families think we’ve lost our minds. Bargain hunters, that’s what we are. 002.jpg     I  found this cute little Jersey girl the other day. As soon as I spotted her hanging on the wall, I knew I had to have her. Isn’t she a beauty? Ok, I understand most people don’t like cows like I do. I have learned to appreciate these animals in ways I never thought possible. I might as well, they are my life. i dont know 341.JPG     I think that picture looks just like our Jersey from years back. Here she is with her twins. She was another family pet of ours. She has since fluttered to cow heaven but we love to reminisce about her. Sure glad I found her hanging on that wall. Now she’s finally home again.moms phone pics 154.jpg     So many cows, so little time. That green grass looks so beautiful. That gives me hope. Well, I smell banana bread. I must go try it. Talk at ya soon………..Carol