We are still experiencing freezing cold weather. It’ll warm up for a few days to give us a little break and then slam us again with those ffffffffrrrrrrreeeezzzing temperatures. No snow, thank goodness. Today the kiddos are off from school. Yes!! More help. 026.jpg     The pond isn’t frozen enough for any of those fierce hockey games. The kids love to go out there and battle it out. Guess we’ll have to stick to the mud puddles. We’ve got plenty of those. 024.jpg    Not sure what “the kid” found so interesting here but he sure got down low. Marshall is very thorough and doesn’t miss a beat. He will watch that spot closely. 013.jpg          One good thing about cold weather. I don’t have to scrape lots. Everything is frozen. The cows hate it. Try walking on frozen cow poop. It ain’t easy, man! 012.jpg     Just to give you an idea what those tails are capable of. This nasty thing was frozen solid this morning but give it a day to thaw. It’s not pretty. I’ve had many of these swished across my face. They aim for the eyes and mouth. It’s just not a good situation. I’ll leave it at that. 016.jpg     This morning we were curious what the temperature was in the barn so Candace whipped out her phone. Looks like 16 to me. 015     And then here comes the main dude. He whipped out his thermometer and tried to give us his accurate reading. Candace and I busted out laughing. Which reading is more accurate? I think he needs a vacation! That’s his breeding thermometer for the cows. 007.jpg     The cows don’t seem to care much about the cold. As long as there isn’t any precipitation. Just keep on chewing your cud there sisters. 005.jpg     Candace cannot milk without  “sausage mutt” in there. She gets distracted so easily!  003.jpg     Oh yeah, I got brand spankin new boots. My old ones had a hole in them and I would always have wet socks by the time I got in to the house. Very annoying! Check out the tread on those babies. Nothing is stopping me now, man! I feel like I’m walking on air. I could milk for hours on end. Uh, don’t believe that last part. I’ll give this pair maybe 8-12 months and then they’ll be worn out. 023.jpg     Did you figure it out son?? What did you find? Let’s head on in and warm up. Maybe drink some hot chocolate with that good fresh milk. Gotta run……Carol