Not much is shaking on the dairy these days. Just the normal everyday stuff. Milk, feed calves, scrape lots, feed hay, laundry, cook and more laundry. A beach vacation would sure hit the spot about now. That isn’t gonna happen so……. I’m trying to keep myself busy with projects around here.

     I’ll update you on the calves for now. They are growing like crazy on all that fresh milk they get. 020.jpg     This one says, ” give me some more, man! That sure is tasty.” 021.jpg     I like your purple feed bucket, sister. That sure adds some color to your world. She’s shy. Taking her picture makes her nervous. 006.jpg     This is how we feed our calves. Bring the fresh, hot milk out in buckets and then pour it into the calf buckets. They slurp it up as fast as we pour. 008.jpg     Musket comes along and cleans up anything that’s leftover. No wonder he’s built like a bulldozer. It’s all that fresh milk. 010.jpg          The kids bedded down all the pens last weekend and gave them nice, warm beds to sleep in. It gets pretty cozy inside those hutches. 009.jpg     Quit making that weird face at me. And wipe your chin off, it’s all messy ya silly goose. 011.jpg     Yes, I can see you did a fine job of wiping your face off after your breakfast. Good job! You’re the bomb! Maybe you can teach your neighbors how to do that. 012.jpg     Like this one, maybe. My goodness, you are a messy eater. 013.jpg     This is probably one of the prettiest calves we have right now. They always look as if they have perfect eye makeup.  Give these calves a few years and then they can join the herd and be all cool like the “big girls.”001.jpg          And stuff their face full of hay. 018.jpg       It’s cool being a cow! What a life! Eat, sleep and make milk. I think I’ll go take a nap…………Carol