Today I’m going to introduce you to all our cats. It’s amazing. We started out with just 3 kittens and now we are up to 499. (almost) It’s crazy how fast cats can multiply. When I’m walking around outside it seems like there’s a cat staring at me from every corner of the barns. When we come home after dark, there’s always several in the ditch hunting. They cruise around the yard, dig in my flowerbeds, (grrrrrr…) patrol the barn for mice and have baby kittens every time we turn around. 014.jpg     They simply have invaded and taken over. Here they are sitting outside the barn sunning themselves. Another trivia question for you… many cats can you count just in this one picture? Look closely. 008.jpg     We call this furball, Screamer. It sits around the barn all morning meowing for milk. Finally, we can’t take it anymore and Earl starts meowing back at it. By this time, I really think I’m going to lose my mind. I’m still trying to decide whose more annoying….the cat screaming or Earl meowing. It’s a tossup. The cat has an agenda! 010.jpg     He sits with the chickens and patrols for mice. If I were a chicken, I’d peck that thing right out of there.002.jpg     And this is slasher. My least favorite of all the cats. I do not have nice thoughts about this critter. She is old, grouchy, moody and steals other cats’ kittens. She “hisses” at me when I walk by. That’s grounds for retaliation right there. We do not get along. Musket hates this cat. She will stand up to him and try to battle it out with both dogs. I’m tellin you, she’s crazy. The kids can do anything with the ole bag. That’s fine, I don’t even care. She has more than 9 lives. Is she ever gonna die?ct phone pics 1958.jpg     I love it! Let’s carry the cats upside down for today. Not a very nice view for ya young man. He’s holding “Pitch”. 009.jpg     Pitch was a stray and so of course we had to give her a home. Besides, she was calico. We need some “new blood”. Most of our cats are black. 001.jpg     This is the kids’ favorite cat. He’s a big ole Tom, so he kinda comes and goes as he pleases. They can do anything with him. He’s such a big baby. moms phone pics 278.jpg     They have them on the front porch, the back porch and any place that would be most inconvenient for us. Of course the kids grab boxes and old rags and fix it all cozy for them. They never get tired of them. Not sure how many are in there. Looks like too many. moms phone pics 371.jpg     This picture was taken last summer and I’m not sure what in the world I was thinking. I must have been having an extra “happy” milking. I normally don’t get that affectionate with cats. I’ll admit, they are cute when they’re little. Now, I would like to have a Siamese. They are beautiful. That I could handle. Moms phone pictures 2015 048.jpg     We had to take Musket to the vet last summer and so when he got home, this cat sat with him until he woke up. It was hilarious. I think they’re BFF’s but Musket would not want anyone to know that. Keep it under your hat. We don’t want to offend the hound. 022.jpg     We found these about a week ago. At least they have some color to them. Not just boring ole black again. So much for cats today. It’s time to move on………Carol