Last week was Candaces’ birthday. I can’t believe she’s 19. Where did the time go?! Seems like such a short time ago, I was carrying her out to the barn in the infant seat, ready to go milk. She grew up out there, maybe that’s why she’s an animal lover.ct phone pics 1920.jpg     She’s a senior this year and so we took her pictures out here on the farm. Where else does a farm girl go? Musket did a pretty good job cooperating. 030     She does a good job of protecting her “boys”.  Humans and animals. They get along “just pretty good.” 011.jpg     Her birthday was on a school night, so we didn’t celebrate big. That will have to come later on a weekend. She wanted steak, shrimp and a white cake with whipped icing. Smart girl! 022.jpg     And an angel food cake with white icing. I think I probably ate half of this one and it wasn’t even my birthday. 024.jpg     She loves to act crazy! That’s obvious. Anytime the camera is out she starts making faces. 021.jpg     Happy face and sad face! She can do either one. She’s gonna kill me! mom phone pics 2015 015.jpg      Take her to the farm store and this is what she does. Don’t mess with her. She’s no wimp. If she sees this, I’m dead!003.jpg     She didn’t do any chores on her birthday, so the cows sent her a message. “Happy Birthday, Candace!” 001.jpg     And of course all the cats meowed a message. In between their feasting. 025.jpg    Her favorite. The dogs. Just look at the disappointment on their faces. Where is Candace, they ask? 014.jpg     How about a birthday smack, Candace?ct phone pics 1927     We love you, Candace. From all of us here on the funny farm!