Yes, the cows are finally back on wheat. We can’t graze when it’s too wet or they just tear up the whole entire pasture. So, the last two days we’ve been taking them across the road to graze. 008.jpg     They know where they’re going but there’s always that one that likes to push the limit. So we have a wimpy fence along the front of the yard just as a guide. And we stand at the corners making sure that the one naughty one doesn’t escape.  This whole, across the road thing, makes me nervous. I know what can happen. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. They have absolutely no respect for my yard. Or garden, for that matter. 007.jpg     It was my turn to stand at the corner this morning. I always hope and pray there won’t be any traffic. It’s amazing how impatient people are. Them dar crazy city slickers!  Haven’t figured that one out yet. 011.jpg     That wheat pasture smells so good. It’s like fresh grass smell in the winter time. The sun is out nice and bright. My fingers were freezing off but……..still beautiful. 009.jpg     Here they are on the way home. They want to stop and drink out of the ditch and the “wimpy” fence isn’t meant for that. 010.jpg     You know, I don’t even see that  “rutty” ditch anymore. But I would bet a lot of money that my brother back east would “NOT” be “ok” with something like this in his yard. I think you call it “Taboo” or something like that. Ha. Ha. 005.jpg     I finally got a picture of our milk hauler yesterday. Taking away all that milk that we worked so hard to get. Wish we could fill that whole tanker. Now that would be profitable. 014.jpg     I took this picture tonight. They look like twins. Smell like twins. Act like twins. Nope, they’re not twins. Just call them” sisters. “018.jpg     This girl thinks she’s so funny. Every time she sees me, she has to remind me how old I am. I tell her to “get lost”, and she just walks away laughing hysterically. Cows have such a weird sense of humor. 003.jpg     The cows all say “goodnight, sleep tight, until we meet again.” Talk at ya later……………………Carol