This week has been awesome. Warm temperatures and beautiful sunshine. Gives me hope for the future. Just when I think I can’t take it anymore, we get a break in the weather. 007.jpg     The cows have been loving it as well. Sunning themselves and getting all nice and relaxed. Soaking it up, man! We built a quick fence for the calves. After they get a certain age, we bunch them up into group pens. They learn to eat out of troughs and how to socialize with each other, you could say. Gotta learn the ropes so they can some day be like the “big girls”. 002.jpg     Here’s the dude working hard. The point I’m trying to make is this……..short sleeve t-shirt? Unbelievable! In January! That’s Oklahoma weather for ya. 70 degrees one day, freezing the next. 003.jpg     And yours truly. Just look. No stinkin overalls. I felt free as a bird. Well, almost. I had to milk that night. 009.jpg     Marshall got home from school and came out to see what was going on. Of course, all the dogs and cats followed him. Does anyone want to build pallet furniture? We have an over abundance of them. 013.jpg     Doing chores in short sleeves. It’s so much easier when you don’t have to wear 10 lbs. of clothes. 017.jpg     Lord have mercy! It’s been a long winter for Candace.  012.jpg        There is hope. My daffodils are already coming up. Yee-haw!012.jpg     Did someone say “hope”? Amen to that! The better to hear you with my dear.

     I call this girl “ole big ears”. They’re furry and huge. 001     And what do you call me? It better be something nice. I’m a friendly ole sister. How about “Daffodil”?

     Ok, it’s getting pretty deep around here, I’m taking off………..Carol

     P.S. It’s supposed to be freezing again next week.