Today is all about Musket. He’s had his share of  problems in his young “dog” days. He has baggage. Who doesn’t? Anyway, along the way he went out to chase a truck and got hit. His front shoulder was out of socket with his leg sticking straight out. The neighbors helped us pop the shoulder back in but the damage was done. He’s been limping ever since. Basically a 3 legged dog. Moms phone pictures 2015 366.jpg     He acts normal in every way, he just can’t use his one leg. So the other day I noticed he was acting kinda strange.  As if that leg was really causing him lots  of pain. I heard him yelp and decided something’s not right here. I tried to check his paw but he growled and nearly bit my hand off. I didn’t think you were supposed to “bite the hand that feeds you”. So, we took him to the vet. Earl’s going, “this is gonna cost me big bucks”. Candace is going, “Dad, he’s a member of the family!” Ha. Ha. Don’t argue with Candace when it comes to her beloved pets. 022.jpg     We took the ole beat up farm truck because he’s huge and he stinks to high heaven. Musket thought he was really going places. 021.jpg     I’m sure we looked quite comical going down the road with this huge dog sitting in the middle. He’s seeing things he’s never seen before. 024.jpg     He definitely remembered that place as soon as he started going back that loooong hallway. Scooting on his butt the whole way. He weighs 100 pounds. Solid as a rock. 025.jpg     Well, nothing wrong with the paw but definitely arthritis in the shoulder. It’s seized up in there and giving him fits. That’s why he’s grouchy and moody and can’t play with “Sausage mutt.” The vet recommends we take the leg off. It’s hurting him, he can’t lay down comfortably and is just in the way. If we take the leg off, he’ll have better balance and get rid of the pain. What?!?! A 3 legged dog, literally! And what is that going to cost? A nice “chunk of change”! Holy Moly! His surgery is next Thursday unless we change our minds. I wonder, what would normal people like you all do if that dog were yours??? The family is kinda divided. I never thought…..026.jpg     Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jig! Sausage  was so happy to see him. I will keep you posted on the “dog days” around here. Let me know what you think. 017.jpg     Here’s Fat Boy! As Candace nicknamed him. Question of the week. Would he miss that leg?               Carol

     P.S. We’re also going to “denut” him during the same surgery. Is that a word?