Ok, so Valentines Day is just around the corner. I’m having some anger issues. Against the chickens, cats and a few choice cows. The chickens are getting out of their pen and migrating to my flowerbeds. How dare they! Don’t they know that my flowerbeds are totally off limits?! 018.jpg     They scratch big ole holes , expose the roots and completely dig out the pansies I worked so hard to plant. I spotted them yesterday through the kitchen window. I ran for the door and “galloped” across the yard full speed chasing some dumb chickens in my flip flops and socks. Anybody else wear socks with flip flops? I was yelling not very nice things to them. Like “I’m going to eat you”.  They made a huge mess! Candace and Marshall better be clipping some wings or else we will be eating lots of fried chicken. Ha. Ha.  ct phone pics 1685.jpg     And of course the nasty cats. A few I can handle but not 499. I told Earl we have got to get rid of some of these cats. I go to dig around in my flowerbeds and all I dig up is “cat crap”. I am totally disgusted! So he’s supposed to be devising a plan to catch them and haul them off to the neighbor’s hay barn. Ha. Ha. I’m not even going to say anything to her until the deed is done. 025.jpg     We have a few cows that are walking on a very thin line. This one for example. Her real name is Electricity. Wonder why? She comes in and wants to “bash our teeth in, knock our head off, break an arm or simply tear the barn down”. So Earl put a sign on her to warn everyone. “K” means kill or kick! He gives them waaaaay too many chances to settle down. Me? I’m not that kind. Lucky I’m not in charge. Ha! Ha! 010.jpg     Here’s another one. This is her flank. Right above her back leg. See those two white horns sticking up? Yep, she’s a wicked, wicked girl. Young and immature. Watch out for your head. She wants to take it right off. She doesn’t have a specific name. Just many “not very nice ones”. She better calm down her next lactation or else………….So you see, I have some attitude adjustments to make before Valentines Day rolls around. Bring on the chocolate! moms phone pics 014.jpg
Maybe if I eat this whole “pie”, I’ll feel cool, calm and collected. My plan is to share some of our chocolate recipes with you for the big “sweet” day. Let me count to 10 and take a deep breath first……………………………Carol

     P.S. Musket has his surgery on Thursday morning. Shhhhh…….I think Earl is more uptight about it then anyone else. Don’t tell him I said that.