Just a few more days before the biggest chocolate day of the year. So I’m going to talk about my “Valentine”. He doesn’t like for me to post pictures of him, so I need to do this on the sly. If he gets wind of this, I’m dead.  moms phone pics 303.jpg     This is what a hard working farmer will look like at the end of the day. If the clothes are covered in hydraulic oil, they get thrown in the trash. Must’ve been a little dusty that day. moms phone pics 064.jpg     He loves putting up awesome feed for his “precious cows”. Makes him happy. And we definitely want “Papa” happy. 100_1030.jpg     Ok, now why in the world is he this happy? Oh, it’s a fake smile for the camera. Say “Cheese”. 100_1406.jpg     This was a while back but he’s still got that football arm. When he’s watching football, he tells the coach and the players what they should be doing. I always ask him why he wasn’t a coach. No answer, just a “look”. 100_0661.jpg     He’s the hay baling machine. It’s not always a fun job. Especially in 90 degrees plus weather. 022.jpg     Last summer our neighbors were making apple cider the old fashioned way. He was loving every minute of it. 021.jpg    The boys had a blast cranking away. The cider was delicious. 015.jpg     He loves his cows. He wants a whole herd that looks just like this one. moms phone pics 414.jpg     He loves to act crazy. He’ll go do crazy stuff in front of Candace’s trail cam and hope that she finds it. 044.jpg     Cows, cows and more cows!012     He’s addicted to Dr. Pepper. 003      He loves his family and we love him. I gotta run. I’m nervous that he’s going to find out about his story. Yikes! It’s time to hit the hay……………………….Carol

     P.S. Eat plenty of chocolate this week.