Well, here we are. A new week and a new Musket. The “hound” had his surgery last week and is on the mend. We were wondering if maybe we made a mistake about this whole “dog” thing, but things are looking up. When he first came home, he was NOT feeling good. Depressed and wanting to die. 004.jpg     Riding “Shotgun” to the vet. No idea what awaits him. Poor guy. 023.jpg     Coming home. Laying on the seat and wondering what in the world just happened. He had to spend one night at the vet. I’m sure that was annoying. All those other “critters” causing a commotion. 027.jpg     We had to help him out of the truck because he was in pain and very sore. Can’t blame him. Taking off the leg and the nuts. Not a good scenario. He didn’t even want to eat this steak. Right here he’s thinking ” If she doesn’t get out of my face, I’m going to show her what I’m really made of, and it ain’t gonna be pretty”. 002.jpg     Sausage did his sniffing and then decided to leave him alone. I guess he could sense that something was not right. 004.jpg     His “support group”. So nice to have such loyal friends. Wonder what they say to each other? 001.jpg     He is feeling a thousand times better by now. Amazing how he can get around. Course he basically was already a 3-legged dog. The vet said his nerves and muscles in that shoulder were totally deteriorated. No wonder he was uncomfortable. Now we just need to get used to the new look. Kinda weird. 005.jpg     So now, we hope he lives for a long time. After spending an arm and a leg ( a leg and nuts) on him it only seems right to have him around for as long as possible.  If you would’ve told me 20 years ago that I was going to spend all kinds of money on a dog, I would’ve told you “never”! Since then, I’ve learned to never say never. It will always come back to haunt you. I still remember exactly where I was standing when I told my Mom that I was never going to get married to a farmer. Now see what I did. My, my, my. How things change. Ha. Ha. Not just a farmer but a dairy farmer to boot! I sure have learned a lot. I’m going to sign off before I say “never” again……….Carol