When there’s a whole herd of cows around, then you’re sure to have some water issues. We have them a lot. We have a big water tank out in the pasture under a tree. The float is hanging smack dab in the middle of the tank from a big branch right above. We thought the cows wouldn’t be able to tear anything up this way. Wrong! They found a way. Michael came in the other morning and said that the float was hanging outside the tank and water was running everywhere.  Needless to say Earl shot out of the barn like a rocket. Who’s paying the water bill this month? 011.jpg     He turned the water off out there until we got our chores done. He told me he needed my help, so I tagged along  to see how bad the situation was. We haven’t had any moisture in awhile………..not good. 024.jpg    It wasn’t long before the whole herd came to see what was going on. Curious creatures. Wonder who the guilty one was that caused all the trouble?! I have a hunch. 020.jpg     Earl took off to go get a load of gravel. We needed something more solid than mud to set the tank on. 023.jpg     It took several loads to get a nice pad ready but he “got er done”. Those cows thought this was real excitement. 025.jpgThe “dude” making sure everything was just right before we plopped the tank back into place. I had to walk in the mud hole because he has a hole in his boot. Or does he? I better check that out. 028.jpg     I was also chosen to climb the tree and adjust the hose. It’s easy getting up but not so “smooth” coming down. 030.jpg     We finally got it lined up and cranked it up again. The cows were ready for a nice cold drink. So impatient.040.jpgLooks like it’s working fine now. We had to put a “cage” around it so the guilty one can’t do it again. They have meetings every morning and make plans on who’s going to be the trouble maker for the day. Here we thought all cows  do is eat and sleep. Nope, not this herd. 013.jpg     While we were working, Tornado here was trying to eat the seat off of the 4-wheeler. Scram, get outta here!014.jpg     No, it was not me. I would never do something like that. But I know who did it. 015.jpg     We do too but we’re not talkin.

This is hopeless, I’m outta here…………………..Carol