We have had unusually calm weather in February. Of course, we farm folk are totally fine with that. Mild winters are always on our wish lists. So, I’ve been chompin at the bit to get into the garden. First it needs to be tilled up. Earl wanted to add some more “compost” and burn it to add extra potash. He’s totally into the soil  and fertilizer thing. 010.jpg     He pushed all the “rich calf hutch bedding” onto the garden and lit her up. That stuff could easily burn for days, maybe weeks. 008.jpg     The “dude” came with the tractor and stirred and then stirred some more. Tried to spread it out and keep the “home fires burnin”. Anybody remember that song? “She keeps the home fires burnin” by Ronnie Milsap. Ok, I’m old. 001.jpg     Anyway, Earl sees nothing wrong with driving on the yard with the tractors or any equipment for that matter. I’ve tried to express my displeasure to him many times but……………….that’s life on the farm. Things aren’t perfect here and never will be. Here’s my garden all tilled up and ready to plant. 032.jpg     It’s pretty risky to go too hog wild just yet. We’ve had some pretty wild and crazy weather in March in years past. So my new experiment. We had these old tanks around and I decided to put them to use. I planted some radishes, lettuce, spinach, onions and kale. Kale seems to be the new “cool” salad to eat these days. I know for a fact that my boys will not touch anything that crazy. Including Earl. They call stuff like that “weeds”.  035.jpg    Everything is sprouting. The cages laying on top is to keep the nasty cats out of there. I guess they thought I put in an outhouse specifically for them. I was so determined to win the battle with those “dumb cats”. 033.jpg     These 2 tanks have irises in them. I transplanted them last fall. I can’t wait to see how they do. 036.jpg     I put my spearmint tea in this small one. I plan to get a load of pea gravel to put around everything and make it look all professional and beautiful. Now you know I’m no “pro” but I like to dream big when it comes to my flowerbeds. We will see what I can get done this summer. 006.jpg     I have some daffodils that are blooming. I get so excited when I see things like this. Yee-haw! Almost time to make my flowerbeds beautiful again. 002.jpg     Michael discovered tonight that one of our peach trees is blooming. Man, what a sight for sore eyes. 004.jpg     I’m going to have to protect these from any late freeze that comes along. By the way, the broken pecan tree looks like maybe it is done for. No sign of life yet. 008.jpg     A beautiful sunset on the prairie to end the day. Hope everyone had a “recharge” weekend. I’ve got some more recipes rolling around in my brain for next week….Carol