Today is all about “barn music”. Some nice and some not so nice. We don’t have a radio playing or anything like that. I know some people do that to keep the cows calm but that would never work here. Too many different opinions and where should the volume be. So instead, Candace sings. Man, can she belt it out! She can drive Earl “bonkers” real fast. 003.jpg     The words coming out of her mouth here were, “the hills are alive with the sound of music”. They were shrill and loud. Oh Mama! You should hear Earl. He’s freaking out and then she just gets louder and louder. I’m trying to not let Earl see me laugh and Candace is trying to sing and laugh at the same time. When she finally shuts up, she asks “Hey Dad did you like that, shall I sing it again?” 021.jpg     Then she has this really annoying laugh that she does and that’s just downright painful. She knows how far she can go before the “main man” threatens her with her life. Ha ha ha. There’s no way to escape her unless we just make a run for it. 009.jpg     Then there’s the boys. Here we have Marshall. He’s ticked off at the moment. So of course Michael has to try and make him smile. 011.jpg    This isn’t a very good picture but you can tell that Michael is just about to get a fist in the mouth. 010.jpg     He finally got him to laugh and then the whistling started. You can see Michael back there gettin it on. So then pretty soon Earl is freaking out again. This time over Michael and his whistling. Stop!!!! Is that necessary? Good grief! Round and round we go. I’m somewhere out there banging my head against the wall trying to talk myself out of insanity. So much drama. Help me!  011.jpg         This is usually where Marshall does his whistling. He’s in his own little world, working away and just having a great time until Earl yells out, “I can’t take it anymore”.  I have trained myself to tune things out like that but the “dude” doesn’t know how to tune anything out. So, there you have it. Milk barn drama. At least we’re happy. Or are we? I think so, most of the time. Kinda. Maybe I’ll try and sing a tune tonight and see what happens…………Carol

P.S. I’m still not done with my painting. Too many interruptions.