Tonight I want to share a super easy recipe with you. I’m a “fix my food from scratch” kind of girl but I do make a few exceptions. This special cookie being one of them.   012.jpg     Yep, you got it. We are Oreo fans. Big time! Always with a tall glass of milk. That’s Michael waiting impatiently for me to get done with my “photo shoot”. Our farm kids are very serious when they eat Oreos. They don’t just grab a few and run. They take the whole package and run. For the couch. I keep warning them not to spill milk or food on my furniture. But I’m giving that some thought.

Spilled milk + sour smell = new couch

     That might just work. Ever smell sour milk? So, I caught Candace with the Oreos the other night. She’s going to show you how to eat them the “real” way. 014.jpg     First you take one and dip it into your milk for about 5 seconds. 015.jpg     Then you take a big bite. And try not to get crumbs all over yourself and the furniture.  013.jpg     Once you polish that one off, you lick your fingers to make sure you got every last crumb. Then repeat the steps as many times as necessary. Or until the package is empty. She hasn’t seen these pictures and she was yelling at me to get out of her face when I took them so…..shhh. Michael had his fingers in the package too. She didn’t devour all of those. I’ll say that for her. Ha ha ha. 010.jpg     Hello, my name is Oreo. In fact, I’m a double stuff. Those are the best! Yep, that’s me. I’m awesome!002     Oh, get off your high horse. We belong to the sisterhood. We stick together through thick or thin. BFF’s. We are beautiful.

     I can sense a little tension here so I’m gonna scram……………….Carol