Hey, I’m finally back. The ole desktop is fixed and “rarin” to go. I truly missed not being able to write to you all. Now, I’ll probably drive everyone nuts just catching up. My goal is to be able to make someone smile and hope to make your day a tad bit brighter. I don’t want to get all mushy here, so let’s move on to bigger and better things.

     Yes, Musket is back too. So he had his major surgery and was on the mend. Poor Musket. He was so depressed. We thought he was going to be a sad dog for the rest of his life. 037.jpg     He just laid in his hutch and looked sad all the time. He wouldn’t come out to the barn and he didn’t even act as if he wanted to eat.  I’m pretty sure he was thinking “Why didn’t they just kill me. They took my “dadgum” leg and my nuts. What’s left to live for?” Anyway, I was concerned. I now have 4 kids. 3 human kids and 1 dog kid. 045.jpg     So the other day I decided it’s time to take him for a truck ride. Now a farm dog has 3 favorite things he likes to do. Drag dead carcasses to the front yard, pee on all the tires of anyone that stops by and go for rides in the farm truck. I took him to the 80 acres about 2 miles over where Earl was working in the field. He was in “hog heaven”. 009.jpg     I did have to help him onto the back. He could do it by himself but he was a little scared. That night he showed up in the barn. He was a changed dog. 027.jpg     Hyper and all happy and excited. I’m thinkin I need to take “truck rides” too. 031.jpg     His favorite spot. Look at that handsome feller. 046.jpg     So today we took him back to the vet to get his staples out. I laughed my head off. He was basically sitting on top of Earl the whole way in and he stinks like crazy. A typical farm dog. He sure was excited. 051.jpg     He cooperated until about halfway through and then he started getting ticked off. So they had to put a muzzle on him. He was lunging at them and thrashing around like crazy. He was so mad he peed all over their floor and the vets hands. I personally thought it was kinda funny. I have a weird sense of humor. 053.jpg     They finally got them out and we headed on home. He’s feeling pretty good now. I can hear him barking right now. Probably at some possum or raccoon. I make sure I scratch his ears and give him all kinds of attention so he stays in a positive mood. He’s been through the “mill”. I thought we needed a little treat for dealing with the stress, so I dipped some strawberries in chocolate, again.  056.jpg     Humans need some special attention too, you know. Especially “madcow” humans. Let’s just say that I had my fair share…………………………Carol