Earl is Mr. Farmer Brown in these here parts. So, last week he was getting some ground ready for seed and fertilizer. It’s that time of year again. We always fertilize the wheat pasture in the spring and hope for a nice shower of rain right after it’s been applied. Farming is such a gamble. 006.jpg     If you look closely you can see the cloud of dust that the ole farmer is stirrin up. This is also where Candace does her hunting. Way back there in those trees. It gets kinda spooky back there after dark. Earl took the disc over this piece and tore it up. Now he’s running the harrow over it to smooth it down and then they’ll spread some seed and fertilizer over it. He hates rough fields. And this one needed some extra attention. 012.jpg     We aren’t big farmers. We use all our acreage for feed, hay and grazing for the bovines. Nothing like the “big boys” back east. Our weather doesn’t cooperate for that kind of farming. I just delivered a cold Dr. Pepper to the “dude”. He was just about ready to go over the “edge”. 013.jpg     Recharged and ready to rock n roll. Sure is dusty. Cough. Cough. 014.jpg     And he is outta here. Spit. Spit. Choke. Choke. Now you must understand one thing. When it’s time to put a crop in or take one out….life gets real stressful. That’s all that he’s got on the brain. Gotta get this done. When’s the next rain? I can’t stop to do chores. Sure hope the fertilizer comes on time. Where is the fuel truck? I ordered that yesterday. Hurry! Hurry! I have to get this finished tonight, there’s rain moving in tomorrow. We’re never sure if we should talk to the “dude” during this time or stay quiet. 008.jpg     Nice and smooth. We’ll appreciate that this summer when we’re putting up hay. 033.jpg     This is Farmer Brown #2. He loves driving tractor. As soon as school’s out he’s got a full time job. Looks like he’s in deep concentration here. Must be thinking about what he wants for supper. His favorite question. 024.jpg     And finally Farmer Brown #3. He keeps things lively around here. Ya never know what he’s gonna come up with next. Put both boys together and you’ve got your hands full. 035.jpg     And last but not least. The black and whites. She’s saying………Excuse me but can you move your fat hips over. I can’t breathe. I’m feeling claustrophobic. Quit stepping on my toes you sorry pig. Don’t touch me, I need my space. Back off and leave me alone.

     It’s Ok. Everybody stay calm. We all have those days. Right? I know I do………………………..Carol