Allow me to introduce you to the world of milkshakes. My family loves them. They’re a life saver for me. When I don’t have anything fixed for supper and everyone is starving, I whip out the ole blender and go to town. A milkshake is like cement. It runs down into all the cracks and crevices and fills them up in no time flat. Bloats them, to be more specific. 038      Today is chocolate flavor. Buy a gallon of cheap chocolate icecream and add your special ingredients. Fill your blender full of icecream and then if I’m feeling extra nice, I add 2 Tablespoons of cocoa powder, 2 Tablespoons of chocolate or caramel syrup, 1/4 cup mini chocolate chips and fill it up with milk. Top it off with some of that delicious redi-whip. Most days I just blend milk and icecream because I’m not feeling “nice.” And the “main dude” informed me he doesn’t like the chocolate chips in his anyway. Some things I just don’t understand. 007     Then we have strawberry flavor. This is Marshall’s favorite. I just add a cup of fresh or frozen strawberries to vanilla icecream and milk. And of course you have to add some of that wicked good redi-whip.040.jpg      Typical teenager. Phone in one hand and milkshake in the other. And no, I do not always use a milkshake glass. I just happened to remember that I had these. Why not use them?! But I always use straws. I’m a straw freak. And of course Earl doesn’t like those either. He says a “real man” doesn’t drink with a straw. Whatever!018.jpg     Question of the day. Does “the kid” have mad cow like his Mama?? Or is he just really happy? Now when I start up the blender I can always expect them to come running out to the kitchen in about 5 seconds. “Is that for me?” I always have to think of that story “The Little Red Hen.” That was one of my favorites growing up. Remember? Not I said the dog. Not I said the cat. Not I said the mouse. I was always the mouse. I hated always being the mouse. I still have scars from that. I’m pretty sure I was bullied. Ha ha  Did that word even exist back in my time? 026.jpg     Big girl is trying to ignore me because she didn’t get a shake. Especially since she provided the milk. I’ll make her a sweet deal and she’ll get over it real fast. Just don’t tell Earl I’m makin deals with the cows……………….Carol