It’s that time again……..gardening. Yes! Everything is turning green and coming back to life. I even feel alive again. After a long, dark winter it’s nice to hear the bull frogs croak and soak up some vitamin D. So I’ve been cleaning out weedy beds and hauling in compost to freshen things up. I’ve been working off of the same compost pile for the last 3-5 years. I have an endless supply. That’s the way I like it. 006.jpg     I take the 4-wheeler and little wagon out there and start shoveling like mad. That’ll burn some calories. I couldn’t do it without the “hounds” out there to give me moral support. They like to lay smack dab in the middle of the action.007.jpg     Musket just spotted a cat. Go get em fat boy! Nope, he was too lazy to do any chasing. And Sausage couldn’t ever catch anything. He’s too short and fat. He likes to try, though.  013.jpg     Is this some beautiful “dirt” or what?! A mixture of cow poop, feed and hay and more cow poop. That stuff is sure to grow something.  When I get gardening on the brain, there ain’t no stopping me. Earl just groans and moans because when the “mad cow” kicks into overdrive I use the tractor and loader. That’s when things really start happening. 014.jpg     This is the flowerbed where I caught the chickens having a scratch party. Man, was I ticked off. So I hauled in compost and filled up all the holes they dug and smoothed it out again. Ready to plant. 017.jpg     Yep, I have the bovines in the flowerbeds too. I have lost my mind, I know. But I love “stacked” animals like this. 004.jpg     Here’s my raised bed. Looks like something’s growing. I took the “cat cages” off. If I see a cat doing their business up there, they’re dead! 019.jpg     This is my little fridge on the patio. I plugged it in and told the boys to stock it full of cold drinks for me. Where is the water? All I see is Dr. Pepper and Coke. Do we have a drinking problem around here?

     I’ve often wondered where my love of gardening comes from. I have a first cousin that also loves to garden. And our Grandma was a huge gardening fan. Always had greenhouses and huge flowerbeds and vegetable gardens everywhere. We must have gotten the hand-me-down gene from her. Moms phone pictures 2015 206.jpg      This is my gardening family. We swap pictures throughout the summer. They live back east where everything always grows so nice and beautiful. Lucky you! By the way, these folks are nuts. They’re the kind you want to sit around for hours with and “shoot the bull”.  Come see us this summer, you crazy people. Moms phone pictures 2015 154.jpg     See, I told you they were nuts. Don’t panic, they’re just drinking root beer. Ha ha ha I’m pretty sure they are going to kill me. It sure gave me a good, well needed laugh though!!!!

     Well, so much for gardening. I better scram……Carol