We don’t babysit very often but once in a while we get lucky. My friend Dani, is in the middle of the “baby” stage. So sometimes we take care of her little ones. My kids think that her little “Cooper” is the coolest kid ever. They spoil him rotten and give him anything he wants. Then we send him home. Ha ha ha 026.jpg     Here’s the cool kid. Hanging out with the big boys. He’s a true little farmer. He fits right in. 033.jpg     His job was to help Marshall feed the chickens. He was having a blast with that hose. 027.jpg      Holy Moly! That cat’s almost as big as he is. He loves cats. Hmmmm……..I’m going to have to help him out with some cat “friends”. Maybe on some cold, dark and stormy night?! 029     He stood at the end of the barn and watched the cows. Then he started counting…..1, 2, 3, 4……….keep counting young man. It’s gonna take awhile. 038.jpg     We had pizza for supper that night and he loved every bite. As you can see, I don’t have baby stuff anymore. The pillow worked great. I was right there standing guard. Making sure everything stayed put. Yea, we eat late. That’s our life.036.jpg     Chow down, man! Blow it a bit. It’s not too hot.

      All those “baby” memories start flooding back. I always wonder how I survived. Raising my kids in the barn. They started out in the infant seat, then the swing, then the stroller. Hauled all the diapers, bottles, pacifier, toys, etc……out there with me. Every morning and evening. They say never to prop a bottle. I broke so many rules. It was about survival, man. 100_0447.jpgMy little “farmers”. Don’t they look like angels? 100_0453.jpg     Nope, they aren’t angels. Get ready, Dani. The fun is just beginning. They grow up fast. I used to hate when people said that to me. Little did I know. Now I have teenagers. Ok, let’s not get too emotional here.

     I smell rhubarb coffee cake. I must go have a late night snack. I’ll share that recipe with you real soon…….Carol