We have this nice, big, beautiful hill just down the road from us. Half of it is in our pasture and the gravel road runs right over the middle of it. It has given us lots of entertainment over the years. Here’s what it looks like on the top.028.jpg     Hmmmm…..looks kinda muddy right now. Maybe because there’s a bunch of bovines marching around out there every day. You won’t see any right now because they’re across the road grazing wheat. Probably planning on how they want to run through my yard on the way home. Grrr……023.jpg     So let me tell you how we came up with the name for our hill. Earl is the “nickname king”. He was out late one night checking on the cows that are about to have calves. It was a warm summer night and pitch black. A car came roaring up to the top and parked. Turns out it was some of those wild and crazy “lovers” that like to go out to the country side for their rendezvous. Ha ha ha. They forgot about “Farmer Brown”. Oh, if only he would’ve had his gun with him. He could’ve taught them a lesson they would never forget. So now, he calls it inspiration point. We’ve laughed about that for years. 027.jpg        There are a ton of flint rock up there. I use some in my flowerbeds. The boys went up there one Sunday afternoon, bored to death. Michael had the bright idea to take the axe up there and chop some rock. What in the world was he thinking? He took 2 swings and a small piece chipped off and flew up and cut his leg. It slit it open enough that I had to take him to Urgent Care and have it sewed up. 156.jpg    It looks tiny here but it needed about 7 stitches. That cost me a nice chunk of change. I didn’t have that planned in the budget. What budget? 022.jpg    It’s always infested with poison oak right along this tree line. Stay clear of that. 030.jpg     So, I have a confession to make. I’m not doing the “run thing” anymore. I now just walk fast. And I’m not going every day either. By the time I get all my chores done, I just want to go to the house and eat and get started with something else. I also changed my route. Now it’s the “hill”. That gives a pretty good workout. Even Musket went with me today. He’s feeling great. 033     If I walk up and over 3 1/2 rounds that will give me about a mile. Today I had to walk “till the cows come home”. Literally. They’re coming home right now. When they saw me coming up the road they freaked out and wanted to run back the other way. Yes, 3 of them jumped the “wimpy” fence and marched across the yard. There’s no hope. 036.jpg     So I went home and ate a nice, big brownie. It was the right thing to do. I’m sure of it.  I think it was. Was it??………………………………Carol