No, I’m not talking about house cleaning. I don’t even know what house spring cleaning is. I do remember a long time ago, back in the dark ages, hearing something about cleaning. My priorities have changed slightly. Sorry Mom,  I know you tried your best. Please don’t judge me. It’s because of the bovines. I’m talking about cleaning the chicken coop. It’s high time to do some work in there.004.jpg     When I first got my chickens, I didn’t have a clue where I was going to house them. I just wanted chickens. I’ll figure it all out later. Well, I decided the “old bin” out yonder would be just fine. I mixed up a little cement in the wheelbarrow, patched up the holes and we were ready for chickens. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Right? Here’s Michael forking out all that smelly, dusty, high powered chicken poop. He hates chickens!008.jpg      I did my fair share. It got pretty hot in there. And the dust was terrible. I was thinking to myself, ” I’m pretty sure I’m going to suffocate in here and die a miserable death.” 007.jpg     Just look at all that chicken poop! Candace and I forked  and Michael hauled it off with the tractor loader. He took it to the dry stack. That’s where all the cow poop gets piled and then “the boys” haul it off with the spreader. 005.jpg      Michael’s the professional “poop hauler”. He actually loves hauling manure and emptying the lagoon. That’s a good deal because I don’t. Yes, I’ve done my share of that too. 010.jpg     Candace and I uncovered a whole village of mice. Holy Moly!! They were running everywhere. Over our boots……… panicked mice going crazy. She was lovin every minute. That girl isn’t scared of anything. She ran and got a couple of cats, Crazy and Screamer, and threw them in the middle of the mess. Ha ha ha. Bout time those lazy cats do something. 013.jpg      He’s got one in his mouth. They caught so many, they couldn’t eat them fast enough. We even saw the chickens with some. 017.jpg     Here we go. All cleaned up. They roost on the pallets. And I used old feeders for the egg-laying nests. Seems to work pretty good. Then I see all those cute, pretty little chicken houses and get just a tad bit jealous. Oh well, they’re laying eggs and that’s what I’m after. 016.jpg     Then we moved the fence out of the mud and rearranged that whole thing. Candace is pretty good at driving in t-posts. Earl welded a piece of heavy-duty iron on the top of that driver a couple of years ago. Man, is that sucker heavy. Gotta watch out or it’ll flip your whole body sideways. He forgot that “farm girls” will be using it too. Candace and I now have massive arms. Ha ha ha Don’t mess with us farm girls. We’ll take you out. 020.jpg     So, after a full day of smelling “poop”, I cut off this hyacinth and took a nice long drag. I love the smell of hyacinth. It smelled so sweet and refreshing. I think I’m going to live after all. I’m coughing like a chain smoker though. By the way, Marshall missed out on the whole deal. He was invited to a friends house to go fishing. The kid has more friends than all the rest of us combined. Candace and Michael are gonna let him have it. The chickens are supposed to be his project. 021.jpg      He was so happy to walk away from that mess. Or should I say, bike away………………….Carol