We’ve had a few new calves born in the last couple of weeks. Not sure how they slipped through the cracks but it’s a good deal. New calves = more milk. They’re always so cute when they’re first born , then they grow up to be big ole cows. Sometimes sweet and happy. Sometimes mean and mad.  015.jpg     This one is just barely 12 hours old. He’s still trying to figure out what exactly happened. Where am I at? And where is my hot breakfast? 016.jpg     Why are those 2 black and white “monsters” sniffing me and licking me all the time? Can’t they see that I’m tired. That’s rough work being born. 018.jpg     Come on, feed us. Can’t you see we’re starving? 026.jpg     Hey, what’s going on? Where are you taking me? I don’t want to leave my brand new friends. I want to take them with me. If you don’t put me down, I’m going to poop all over your arm. 028.jpg     Who’s this kid trying to “bully” me? I wanna get off. Move out of my way. I’ll “butt” you with my head. And it’s not gonna feel good. 029.jpg     Hey, I kinda like the looks of this new place. It’s nice and bright and sunshiny. But what the heck is that black thing with only 3 legs? That’s scaring me. Go away, man. 036.jpg     Whoa! Hang on. Here I go again. I hope I have my own place this time. I don’t like everybody sniffing me all the time. I just want to sleep. And eat.  And sleep some more. And yell at those humans every time I get hungry. 033.jpg     Now I get it. They grab me and push me into my new home regardless how I feel about the situation. What if I don’t want to move? Help! Somebody help. I’m going to run away if you don’t leave me alone. 045     Hey, man. This is just pretty sweet. My own place. A nice, fresh and clean bed to lay on. Wait. That movin business kinda made me hungry. When are you going to feed me again? 017.jpg     I’ll just put on my sweet and loveable face. Then they can’t resist me. Come on, please……………………at least scratch my ears a little. 013.jpg     Hey, don’t forget about me. Look, I’m standing up all by myself. Kinda wobbly man, but I’m getting the hang of it. Actually, it’s pretty easy. I kinda like my “new world”. I have so much room to stretch. My legs were getting really cramped in that other place I was at. Hey you. How about something to drink? I’m really hungry after all this “walking exercise”.

     Talk to ya soon. Those calves are making me tired……………………………Carol