We’re still grazing cows on wheat grass. We move them around to different pastures. They’ll graze one down and then we move to the next one. We just keep going until we’re all so dizzy we don’t know where we’re going or what we’re doing. We’re just finishing up on the pasture across the road. Thank goodness. That takes up so much time to run them back and forth.  039.jpg     Today is my turn to take them off. I’d rather be on the 4-wheeler than stand guard by the road and watch for “city slickers” driving by. The kids were home this week for spring break so they get to watch for cars. 040.jpg     At least they’re supposed to be watching. This is what I found when I got up to the road. Marshall playing games on his phone, the dogs laying around being lazy………what in the world?! Where’s Michael? And Candace?043.jpg     Keep marching girls! Almost home. They’re always thirsty coming off of wheat, so they’re looking for water everywhere. Sometimes they’re halfway up the hill before we can catch up with them. 042.jpg     Well, isn’t that just real nice and dandy. Thanks a lot big girl. About 20 years ago I would have had a total meltdown with something like this. These days, I try to look the other way and pretend I never saw it. We tied it with a bungee cord and called it good. Out here in these here parts we have “mailbox bashers”. Our mailbox has been through the mill. So we don’t put a lot of time and money into anything fancy. If we do, the “bashers” come and clean house. That’s a sore spot for Earl. Better change the subject now. 044.jpg     Why do they always go for the knee deep mud holes? Almost got the round up complete. Shove em in and slam the door. Now what shall we do?  010.jpg     How about some breakfast, brunch or lunch? I’m never sure what to call it. We eat at such crazy hours. Some days we go in for a bite right after milking and other days we work until lunch. Which is nuts because then everybody’s mad and hungry as a horse. Oh, the joys of farm life. 002.jpg     Well, it’s time to hit the hay. Tomorrow is another day of sorting and moving cows. It’s called “Manic Monday”. And my help is going back to school …………………………..Carol

P.S. My rhubarb cake was absolutely delicious. I baked it late Friday night and ate a big piece right before bed. That was totally rebellious, I know. It was the “mad cow”.