Nothing much has happened here lately. Just plenty of weirdness, strange happenings, bad hair days, beautiful sunsets, bovine sightings, etc…… Here’s the first one on the list.005.jpg     I have no idea how I did this. It appears as if  we are sliding off the edge of the earth. Hang on for dear life! Some days that’s all I get done. Hangin on and don’t let go! Anyone know what I’m talkin about?020.jpg     Had another new calf. This all looks normal from this angle. But there is something unique about this little squirt.017.jpg     Have you ever seen a “cooler” tail?! I didn’t even notice until Earl pointed it out to me. Got some mixed breeding going on here. It’ll be our best cow ever. I can feel it already. 004.jpg     Remember my “raised bed” garden experiment? It seems to be coming along nicely. 027.jpg     This is what I found today. They were the best veggies I have eaten all winter. I ate about half of them. It didn’t take long before my stomach was telling me that maybe I had eaten too many. So I started eating some rhubarb coffee cake to take care of the “burn”. I feel like a hamster that’s running on one of those “cute wheels” that they have in their cages. Only my wheel is “humongous”. And how do I get off? 039.jpg     I found this in my kitchen tonight. What in the world are you thinking! He is NOT thinking. I’m fighting a losing battle with the “muck” boots. His explanation….But they’re dry. I turned and walked the other way. 011.jpg     I’m also at war with a varmint that’s living under the house. I’ve been setting a trap every night but all I catch is cats. At least I know how to catch the cats now. I’m thinking my enemy is an armadillo. He’s leaving tell-tale signs in my flowerbeds. Big ole holes. That’s a no no. One of these days he’ll mess up and I’m going to win. 034.jpg     The saying goes “the good, the bad and the ugly”. This is definitely bad and ugly! Holy cow! I have sooo many bad hair days around here. I can clean up when I feel like it. Please don’t think bad of me. I’m really not sure what was happening here. There was definitely a draft pulling through that crazy barn. Why do I look so happy? I’m out of answers. Milking cows is no “fashion show” .026.jpg     I found this dude walking on our hill today. He’s been up there “working out” for the last couple of months. I’ll tell you all about that “drama” in a story by itself. Another time, another day. 044.jpg     I did a quick walk tonight too. The “kid” went with me. That always makes for some interesting conversation. 041.jpg     I’ll end the day with a beautiful sunset. This was our view walking home tonight. Makes it all worth it, after all. The good, the bad and the ugly all fade away. Till next time……………….Carol