With the special Easter holiday just around the corner, I decided to do a little baking today. I started with bread. I’m supposed to take bread to the gathering on Sunday, so I decided to bake it today instead of waiting until the last minute. What a crazy thing to do. Totally not me. 013     What’s better than bread hot out of the oven?! With big chunks of butter melted on top. Yum! And strawberry jam. 015.jpg     Marshall’s favorite. He came charging in the door after school and hollered “I smell bread”. Chow down, son. 016.jpg   Who doesn’t have eggs on Easter?  Here we have our “deviled egg diva”. She loves eggs. Any which way. She will taste test and tell me what it needs, if it’s got too much of this or too much of that. The girl cannot take a normal picture. Come to think of it, we really aren’t normal. So, it’s cool. My chickens lay some pretty good eggs. 039.jpg     If I’m going to be in the kitchen, I might as well make it an all day affair. I had a bunch of carrots that needed to be used up, so I decided a carrot cake sounded pretty tasty. This is my favorite. The cream cheese icing is divine. The whole cake is “to die for”. Man! That’ll sure taste good with my coffee in the morning. I thought it was a nice Easter treat to myself. Of course, I’m sharing with everybody else. Except Michael. He’s the picky eater in the family. 043.jpg     Then I decided I needed some jello. Why not just go nuts and make that too! This does take some time and patience and I wasn’t sure I could get it done before chores. How much time do I have left before I gotta go milk the bovines? Yikes, I better speed things up. I did not get this done before milking. I had to finish it when I got in a few hours later. Just look at all those beautiful layers. Marshall loves jello.042.jpg     Is there anything the “kid” won’t eat? This jello reminds me of my school days. Every time there was a party at school, we had finger jello. I love the stuff. I’ll eat this for breakfast. 036     Poor Michael. He doesn’t like deviled eggs, carrot cake or jello. Luckily, I had some steak thawed. I grilled some of these after chores. He’s a carnivore. 037          It was finger-lickin good. He can do some serious damage to a pile of steaks.

 The kitchen is still smoking but at least everything is cleaned up. Wow! What a marathon! Tomorrow I’ll concentrate on my next project. More painting. I finished the kitchen and dining room but decided my kitchen island needs some freshening up. So…….here we go again. Wonder how long this will take me? I’m getting tired just thinking about it…………………..Carol