Well, I finally get to talk about all the drama that’s been going on around here for the last 3 months. In January Earl joined a weight loss competition. A bunch of guys from church formed a group and called themselves “The Fat Men Of Zion”. Wow, what a name. If that doesn’t motivate, I don’t know what will. The pain and agony didn’t really kick in until the last month or so. Earl was on a roll. His competitive side kicked into overdrive. I saw blood in his eyes. 008.jpg     Looks can be deceiving. It was not this happy in the barn. Try milking with a half starved, half crazed lunatic. He had to back off from the Dr. Pepper and that is what keeps the man level. The kids and I wanted to hold him down and force him to drink about 12 cans. 025.jpg     After chores he would take off and go walk “the hill” for about an hour. He’s carrying his cup of water with him. I think it’s water. Maybe I should check that cup. He does look extra happy in this picture. The shorts and sweatpants are lookin pretty “hot”. The man is one of a kind. 012.jpg     So after his walk he would come back totally ravenous. The last week he was really hitting it hard, so he hardly ate anything at all. A plate of radishes. Looks a little scarce if you ask me. Talk about will power. 009.jpg     I on the other hand, fixed myself a plate of nachos. Man, were they delicious. Every now and then he would freak out and go off the deep end. I would tell the kids to stay calm and don’t say anything. He’s half starved!! It’s the stupid diet making him crazy!! We tried to bite our tongues but that gets old. I bit my tongue in half so many times it was nuts. In reality, I wanted to give him an old fashioned butt chewin. Oh, wait. I think I did speak my mind a few times. Don’t ask any questions. 030.jpg     Here he is after the last weigh in. He came roaring in the drive laying on the horn. Jumping around like a mad man. He won!!! Thank goodness. The kids and I were really worried what our life was going to be like if he didn’t win. We were at the end of our rope. 032.jpg     He won 600 bucks. Every one had to put 100 bucks in the pot. It was a real nice prize in exchange for all the pain and agony. 033.jpg     Celebration time is all I can say. 036.jpg     He wanted biscuits and gravy when he got home from weigh in. So I had a big batch ready.037.jpg     And a big steak. I haven’t seen him this happy in 3 months. Praise God! He’s back. 044.jpg     Then he got pizza for supper. I was not in the mood to make pizza that night, I was exhausted. He desperately wanted some and I didn’t have the heart to say no. Is that “true love”? 040.jpg     Farmer Brown is back! Just look at that smile of victory. 043.jpg     Hey, we’re actually on speaking terms again. Milking was the most stressful time. You can’t get away from each other. So, I tried to think happy thoughts like flowers, food, shopping, hairdos, shoes and more flowers. By the way, who’s the photo bomber in the back?010.jpg     The cows secretly told me that they are so relieved that “Farmer Brown” is done with his weight loss regiment. They were fed up with his attitude and were considering going on strike. Thank goodness it all ended on a positive note. We would’ve all been in trouble…………..Carol

     P.S. He lost 50 lbs.