Today I’m going to let you peek into the milk barn during an everyday milking. I want to show you what can go on and how things really are when milking with kids. Don’t forget the cats and dogs. They just show up whenever they feel like it. 002.jpg      The three BFF’s. This cat is always hangin with the boys. I think it has some mental problems. It’s true. When it was just a kitten, I found it laying in the yard half dead. Something had tried to kill it and for some reason it wouldn’t die. So, it now lives a life of confusion. 005.jpg     Candace and Marshall have an ongoing battle. Always, always pushing and shoving. 006.jpg     A little blurry but……..the battle is raging. 008.jpg     She’s moving in for the kill. Come on Marshall, fight back. Don’t give up. Now if Earl had been in the barn he would’ve put a stop to such “hogwash”. He’s all business when milking. The commotion makes him “nuts” anyway. 019.jpg     Seems like I’m always the lucky one to milk with these two scalawags. Posing with Ms. Route 66. 037.jpg     Everybody loves to “mess” with this girl. She just stands there and soaks up all the attention. 007.jpg     Candace thinks she’s one tough chic. I’m pretty sure I can still take her. We always have contests on who’s strongest, fastest or who can do the most push-ups etc……..The barn could pass for an indoor gym.012.jpg     And then we have the “photobombers”. What in the world is the infatuation with that? I’ll never understand but they seem to think it’s their responsibility to be weird. Do these kids not have any parents?!004.jpg      Oh yes, they do. Mama is busy working. Trying to make up for all the goofing off. Always yelling at her “children” to hurry up, where are you going, get back here, stay focused, come on, man. Some days I’m totally oblivious and other days they about drive me to the “nut house”. Notice I wear the same ole shirt every time I milk. It’s a “mad cow” thing. 006.jpg     Earl’s nickname. The “hose king”. Don’t ever take the hose away from him. It will be the end of you. 046.jpg     My ” milkmates ” all cleaned up. 048.jpg     I told ya we could clean up. Once a week for church. Ha ha ha, that’s life on the funny farm……………Carol