Today I’m going to give some credit to a thing of the past. Silos! Out here in our area they aren’t used much anymore. Silage is put up in bags, piled and packed on the ground and covered, wrapped, etc…… more ways than I know of. So our silos are basically just a landmark. It’s how we tell folks to find our place. Look for the tall silos and follow your nose.Moms phone pictures 2015 514.jpg     70 feet high.  Back when we first started milking we did use these to put up feed. What a pain in the neck. All the raccoons, possums, skunks, etc…. had their home in there. When it came time to unload, the conveyor was always broken or had a critter stuck in there. And it was always on the coldest day of the year when the north wind was howling. Bad memories. 008.jpg     Here’s the view from the top. Michael is the only “daredevil” to climb up there. Earl can, if it’s necessary. He did it a thousand times back when he was “younger”. I won’t. My knees would be shaking so bad that I wouldn’t be able to hang on. I’m a chicken. 003This isn’t the best picture but I wanted you to see Marshall down at the bottom. Just a little white speck.     Michael took my phone up there and was taking pictures. 005 Looks like there’s a storm a brewin. It sure looks cool from up top. Maybe some day I’ll “muster” up the courage. 004.jpg     Yep, it definitely was a storm. Later that evening they had a tornado about 20 miles from our house. It was heading right for us. We did some “heavy” praying and were “glued to the tube”. Thank goodness it passed without incident. Too close for comfort. 017   Marshall was in freak-out mode. I was trying to work in the kitchen and keep my head on straight. I burned the roast to a crisp! The plan was to put it in the oven at a very low temperature and then in the morning the boys (carnivores ) have some meat for breakfast. Obviously I didn’t have the temperature low enough……………..this is what I found in the morning. I’ve done this so many times, man! What in the world?! It was the tornado. I’m pretty sure. I had my head in the TV, wondering if we should make a run for it. Or maybe it was the “mad cow”. 018.jpg    Anyway, Musket ate good today! He eats meat any which way. What a shame. I was pretty ticked. So I decided to retaliate and make my favorite cookies. Snickerdoodles! They were awesome. And don’t ask me how many I ate! I was stressed. 020.jpg     Pretty cool! Every farm needs a silo. Even if just for show. The owl that lives at the top is pretty happy about it. Awesome cloud show today.

I’m thinking of making a pot roast for lunch tomorrow. Anyone care to come help me eat it?…………..Carol