Happy Monday morning. Is Monday morning really happy? Do people just say that? Haven’t figured that one out yet. Anyway, let me explain the title to my story. “Cattle Workin” is Earl’s favorite phrase to say. If things are tense in the barn, if we’re sorting cows, or maybe it has nothing to do with cows. He says the “phrase”. And it’s not just one time. He repeats it at least 10 times. Over and over. Drives us all bananas. I know it sounds weird but the only explanation I have is that he has a touch of the “mad cow” too. So last weekend, we did some cattle workin. We just had a small group of them, thank goodness.  “Cattle workin” is not my favorite thing to do.005.jpg     Here’s the man himself making sure the “chute” is ready. Making minor adjustments so nothing can slip through  and run for freedom. 009     Marshall’s job was to push the calves into the chute and have the next one ready and waiting. He’s such a “hoot” to work with. Everything is funny. Even when everyone else is mad and having a meltdown. He always turns his head and starts laughing, making sure the “mad one” can’t see him. 007.jpg     Michael’s job was to stand behind them and when Earl got done with his vaccinations he would squirt the wormer on their backs. 016.jpg     Checking out the back end. Making sure everything is “up to snuff”. It’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it. 017.jpg     Here’s Marshall in one of his “moments”. Something tickled his funny bone. He and Michael had quite an interesting commentary going on while working. 012.jpg     Michael looks like he’s about had it. Maybe a Dr. Pepper break would help!?013.jpg     Yep, sure did. That does the trick everytime. Three crazy dudes hangin out. 014.jpg     Here is the “cattle workin” man himself. Ask him to say that 10 times real fast. He will deliver. 018.jpg     Finishing up. We couldn’t have done it without Musket’s help. By the way, my job is always to be the assistant. I fill all the syringes with vaccine and hand everything to Earl as he needs it. I run get the cold drinks. I always had so much more to do, but I have boys now. Makes my life so much easier. 003.jpg     Candace had to work on Saturday so she couldn’t help. She loves “workin cattle”. If she would’ve been home maybe I could’ve slipped away and nobody would’ve noticed. Ha ha ha. 004.jpg     Still friends. They’ll eat the shirt right off your back. 003.jpg     These “cute calves” will grow up to be the next generation of milkcows. Well, the “big girls” are waiting to come home from across the road. Duty calls out to the milkmaid………………………………..Carol